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ThatOneMan June 7 2008 12:38 AM EDT

Ok im not sure if they should go here or under general so if u could please put it in the right spot for me thanks

Anyways i use to play this game a lot before and recently probably in a long time i havent played it much and im wanting to get back into playing it. the last time i remember playing was when the amulet of Invisability and AC i belive came out so its been awhile

anyways i have four different chars and was wondering which of them i should start to play again? my main was DegenerationX and thats the one that has my armor and highest tat and all that stuff but im guessing strats have changed a ton and many things changed

im wanting to get back into playing this and was wondering if any of my current strats r good or if they all are bad and i should start over and sell all my stuff and use the money for one good char/group.

when i quit playin i was tryin out a some different strats on ThatOneMan and Sabu and also little piggy bank which i made just for a storage but seems to actually do ok.

if anyone would like to help me get back into this game with a good strat or have any advice for me until im back into it again it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 7 2008 12:42 AM EDT

You could start an NCB, it would be easy to surpass all your previous chars in MPR, even without buying BA.

PotatoHead June 7 2008 1:01 AM EDT

I agree with him, an NCB would be good for yas. BA is just much more expensive, but you could run the same set up! You'd easily and quickly surpass your current score/PR.
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