Who in CB has a Tattoo? (in Off-topic)

00 June 8 2008 7:48 PM EDT

Lets hear what you've got!!! Pic would be sweet too! I have the godsmack tribal sun on the inside of my left wrist and a pentagram with cool shading on the outside of my right forearm, i don;t have a camera, or else I would post some pics. So lets hear/see what kind of art you have!!!

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:45 AM EDT

Daz June 9 2008 12:54 AM EDT

You beat me to it, OB!

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:57 AM EDT

You're probably thinking that's a prank though, Daz.

I have that screenie tattoo'd on my left buttcheek.

DH June 9 2008 1:17 AM EDT

DH June 9 2008 1:17 AM EDT

Oh my...way too big. MY BAD

[LittleRed]Calynne June 9 2008 2:18 AM EDT

No tattoos for me. I prefer scars. =P

Wizard'sFirstRule June 9 2008 5:56 AM EDT

/me takes out my knife and ... other knife and a few other sharp pointy things.

ok, caly, where and who do you want the scar on?

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] June 10 2008 1:51 AM EDT

well i dont know how to add pics to the response but i have remember tatted on the inside of my right bicep, forever on the left ..... a big star with a bunch of little stars punched out of it and falling down my back ... (takes up the majority of my back) 3 stars on my right collar bone and a milky way on my right hand .... if i can figure out the whole pic in response thing ill add pics

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] June 10 2008 1:56 AM EDT


{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] June 10 2008 2:02 AM EDT

lol that the above was a failure those are all the tats i have so far ....

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] June 10 2008 9:01 AM EDT

I have one on my Calf
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