Inexhaustible arrows (in General)

QBOddBird June 9 2008 2:40 PM EDT

Remember these? You know, they'd actually be useful now, with Encumbrance. You can already have practically unlimited arrows, just adds a ton of NW. Maybe we could get these as a supporter item or something again? That'd be pretty flippin' sweet!

QBOddBird June 9 2008 2:48 PM EDT

Oh yah, can we see Hxbow and Lxbow base damage increased or something? Just to make them loved. <3

I think I'm just going to use this thread as a place to post all my silly ideas and wishes....

Oh yeah, boost the Hal. PLEEEEASE

Suqataqus June 9 2008 2:52 PM EDT

I like that idea, though maybe something like Quiver or Pouch so special ammo could just be replenished after each fight (Gotta have my explosive shots!).

Until then, I'd like to imagine my minion occasionally bursts into flame as the 2 million explosive shots he carries creates chain reaction resulting in a small nuclear explosion.

lostling June 9 2008 2:53 PM EDT

how about FB ignites the explosive shots for any minion carrying them for extra damage :) BOom

Suqataqus June 9 2008 2:56 PM EDT

Fine, but only if the mage ends up being incinerated as well. I have to imagine millions of those shots would wipe out at least a square mile.

QBOddBird June 9 2008 3:10 PM EDT

Oh yeah, and I just found this reply to an old CB1 thread about Jon becoming a father.

alrite jon congrats. u should make CB last for 7years till yur son plays lolz. see ya Matty boy and jon

-- [ES]-gradius, October 10 2002 11:47 PM EDT

Not much longer now ;)

FuriousHobo June 9 2008 11:49 PM EDT

HOLY CRAP. where'd you get that thread, OB? that's my brother's old name in which i have not seen in like, 6 years. LOL. Wow, the old days when he used to play this game when he was a seventh grader and i was a fourth grader...his character's name, Mamma's Boy. HAHA

Daz June 10 2008 12:13 AM EDT

Alternatively, we could have a Special Quiver that, when equipped, negates or reduces the NW of Arrows or Bolts you have equipped. No love for Slings here. For good reason.

QBOddBird June 10 2008 12:17 AM EDT

For you, BooBer!
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