I owe NS and/or GW 50mil+3%+xfers+mystery box (in Public Record)

Colonel Custard June 14 2008 1:45 PM EDT

NS is loaning me 50mil on behalf of GW's loaning service. I have not completely worked out the terms of the loan with GW, as he is not on, but would very much prefer that the loan be effected now. As such, NS is loaning me the money under the conditions that:

3% interest is applied immediately, plus xfer fees
I pay back a minimum of 1mil/week (that's what I remember GW mentioning, at least)
I agree to any further terms that GW implements on this loan once he gets back on and sees this thread.

I'm trusting you, GW, and I will do my best to pay back in a timely manner.


BootyGod June 15 2008 2:05 AM EDT

You will owe 52500000. That includes the xfers.

1 mil per week, preferably more (unless you want to be in debt for one year solid)

You keep track of all payments in this thread or another, your choice.

If you cannot make a payment, let me known in advance and we'll see what can be done. Due to the size of this loan though, that needs to be minimized.

Any questions, let me know.

Colonel Custard June 21 2008 1:37 AM EDT

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Panda Man) Chain Handcuffs (Item Management) $7500000 1:36 AM EDT

There we go, to start it off. Brings total down to 45 mil, I believe.

Colonel Custard June 28 2008 4:06 PM EDT

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Panda Man) Chain Handcuffs (Item Management) $5000000 4:05 PM EDT

40mil owed.

Colonel Custard July 5 2008 3:44 PM EDT

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Panda Man) Godwolf (Item Management) $1000000 3:43 PM EDT

39 mil owed.

Colonel Custard July 13 2008 3:48 PM EDT

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Panda Man) Godwolf (Item Management) $1000000 3:48 PM EDT

38 mil owed. Sorry, I forgot to send it yesterday.
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