Team Ideas! (in General)

TheHatchetman June 14 2008 11:05 PM EDT

I'm bored, so I figured I'd throw two similar team ideas I thought up out for discussion ^_^

I have been getting my VB upped for a little while now in prepairation for a heavy tank-type team. This would have required me to stay with a single minion until 1.8m MPR or so so that a tank could bolster a x4k +200 VB under Weapon Allowance. Also, to pull this off, there would be only a tiny ammount of DX trained on the minion (to get DX advantage over non-evasion/DX-having dudes). The rest would go into ST and HP. This would likely come through a DX retrain after raising the minion as a SoD dude or something (figure if i'm gonna be training DX that i'll unlearn, might as well save on XP needed for a skill! :P).

When the Second minion was to be hired, it was to train nothing but AMF at first, possibly adding VA later. This is when my tank would unlearn his DX, train back like 5k of it, learn a decent-sized protection, and strap on his heavy gear with the VB, while the AMF dude sported a ToE. Then they would grow together until 2.4m MPR or so, when another minion would be added. The new minion would train nothing but HP and PL.

The team setup would have ideally then had my AMF dude at the very front with a Corn, ToE, and AoI. They would by followed by my PL dude with TSA, CML, HoD, MgS, SC, TG, and AoI. Finally, would stand my heavy tank with 390-400 AC and a x4k +200 VB.

With so much reduction, even the mighty ELB would not be able to do enough damage to scratch my ToE cap. GA would not be a threat in the slightest, AC wouldn't slow my tank down too badly, andDD would struggle to beat my AMF *and* reduction (FB vs my spread, ToE, heavy AC, MgS, PL, layers layers layers... sut is hating me the more he reads, but he just can't stop!). My tank would be the first to receive any non-spread shot because he has the highest damage-reducing capability before it is funneled into PL. Only real weakness is super-concentrated CoC, and evasion tanks with VB...

But then encumbrance came... :o Rocked my strat to it's core... Turned it from an interesting, albeit screwy idea to a nutjob's errand! No fear though! I am the nut for the job! :D By placing my minion hirings 200k MPR higher, and dropping the BL I had originally intended to put on the team and forgot to type about earlier, I could still equip my AC and VB, it would just leave me wide open to even small amounts of EC (I'd have to start a little lower than planned and edge my way up as encumbrance goes up :P). I found my solution to that in the form of GS. I could simply use the strategy mentioned above, but slide a minion between the AMF/ToE dude and the PL dude, slap a Corn and AoI on him, and I'd then have a fighting chance against EC. Against DM, my GS would be wasted, sure... But that wouldn't matter to me much since my equipment would already be under encumbrance limit anyway. Only liability left there are enormous ECs and DM/EC/RoS teams (cuz they're so common... :P), and of course, the two mentioned above...

Wow... I'm impressed... You're still reading. That's one down, if you're tired, this is the best place to take a break, reply to this if you like, or just go back to spending BA or playing another game or something :P You can resume at any point, not like the thread's going anywhere, and you have the extra spaces here, so it'sd be quick to scroll back here. But, to those who truly intend to read this whole thread all the way through in one sitting, I must apologize. Because to you, this entire paragraph was just needless, off-topic filler... But hey! You're still reading so you're likely as bored as I was when I started this thread (though, I must tell you I am quite entertained now ^_^)... Now back to part II (epic stories use roman numerals!)

Then, came a day when Jon bestowed gifts upon us all. He released the MenC, GoM, BoF, and SB. With my strategy above, I was unable to utilize these gifts :o It was like having a 20 lb brick of pure gold fall to the sand 10 feet from me as I sat on the shore of a deserted island! Monkeys don't like gold!!!! So I adapted.

I've decided to use a SoD dude up to 1.5-1.6m MPR or so, when I will hire a DM enchanter. Continue with SoD and DM and let the minions grow together until hiring my third minion gets me out of the deadzone.

When the new minion is hired, I will switch from SoD to my VB, and from DM to AMF. The new minion will be a wall, and this is also likely where I'd remove the RoE and use a ToE on the AMF dude. I would then continue to grow them together, and at 2.9m or so, I would start learning some PL on my wall, so that at 3m MPR I can hire my fourth minion and make them a new wall turning my current wall into a TSA/PL dude (So that my TSA had more regen capabilities) as soon as my newly-bought minion had a high enough encumbrance limit to support my wall gear.

Ideally, this teams setup will place my AMF dude up front with AoI, BoF, Corn, and ToE. They would be followed by my tank with HoE, TSA, MenC, GoM, MgS, AoI, VB, and EB. Behind them would be my PL dude with HoD, TSA, AoI, MgS, CML, SC, and TGs. In the back would be my wall... Big boring wall...

The spread, AMF, ToE, MgSs, AC, PL, etc should keep spread DDs at bay (Even CoC with this much trained HP going around). My tank would be far less susceptible to EC than before, though the massive ones would still get me. This would also allow me to get like 40 pth added to my VB for ~7-8m nw (at +200... *drools*), so I will actually have a fighting chance against evasion, and with DX and extra pth, DB tanks will be much easier than before. I encounter new problems with GA, but can't win 'em all, can we?

So there you have it... Yeah... You're actually done. You can stop reading at any time, I assure you, you will miss nothing by missing this paragraph... Just more useless filler, designed to both further discourage reading by making it longer, and to give those who are just so in love with this thread that they don't want to see it end a chance to wean themselves off of it. Sure, you are still reading, and you obviously enjoy doing so very much (otherwise you would have stopped at the beginning of this paragraph when I told you you could), but I'm not really saying anything. Please know that while this thread will be closing shortly, I am not leaving, I get bored often, you likely will see another one of these at some point in time. Perhaps about a different topic, who knows? I certainly don't. Maybe it'll be about algebra... I came up with a couple theories on that once that made no sense but were too true all at the same time. But that's for another time, another day. Until then, thanks for reading! ^_^

Colonel Custard June 14 2008 11:46 PM EDT

This thread rocks!

th00p June 15 2008 12:37 AM EDT

Too many words. Can I get a 3 line summary?

Tyriel [123456789] June 15 2008 12:38 AM EDT

Hatch had a crazy strategy, and it no longer works.
Jon created the MenC, GoM, BoF, and SB.
Hatch has a new, crazy strategy that might work.

That good enough, th00p? :)

th00p June 15 2008 1:12 AM EDT


Stop complaining, Hatch, we all get nerfed sometimes. Just ask Ranger.

TheHatchetman June 15 2008 4:05 PM EDT

my text too boring or intimidating? :P
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