Fog of War (in General)

8DEOTWP June 18 2008 3:43 AM EDT

I was basing this off a steeper Protection curve, since we're trying to replace that.
For every level, .5% chance for an attack to be taken by an enemy minion. At an effect of (30), blows made against the minion would have a 15% chance to hit an enemy minion (preferably not the attacker).

minion A minion X
minion B vs. minion Y
minion C

minA has FoW trained to (30)
minX attacks A, B, C for 10,000 damage each
minA has a 15% chance to avoid damage, which would hit minY instead.

My apologies if this is impossible to follow ^.^

Colonel Custard June 18 2008 4:53 AM EDT

I get it. Cool. It sure would piss me off to go up against a team that had this trained...
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