Archery change? (in General)

TheHatchetman June 18 2008 4:05 PM EDT

being the SoD pwns without a skill, why not give archers the ability to use a bow without archery? Just cut the damage by 1/6th. Then have archery double the CTH of the bow, and boost damage by 20% (basically puts it back where it is now). As a penalty (the yin to the yang), cap the bow at a maximum of two hits, even with 380 CTH doubled to 760 :P To further balance things, a small tweak in the pth upgrade curves of bows may also be necessary.

Not sure... just felt like making a thread and this is what i came up with :P

Yukk June 18 2008 5:12 PM EDT

It's true that it would be nice if archery made more of a difference considering the SoD can kill a whole team at once with no skill at all.
Really, chances of hitting depend totally on whether your bow is only +50 vs 200 evasion or +250 vs 250 evasion. At those levels the DX based chance to hit is basically zero since evasion defensive dex is practically unattainable for a tank (assuming not all tanks use ToA).

QBOddBird June 18 2008 5:48 PM EDT

"max dx-based chance to hit is 100 + base to hit (140 for 2h, 160 for 1h, 200 for elb). was 160 for all weapons."

Archery affords you the ELB CTH.

iBananco [Blue Army] June 18 2008 5:50 PM EDT

It's 90 for SoDs. Not too bad, really. Not to mention that the Mageseeker has an effective max base CTH of 89.1.

QBOddBird June 18 2008 5:52 PM EDT

Maybe the SoD should have a slight reduction in CTH, then, to offset it's skill slot availability a little? *shrug*
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