one bugged item. (in General)

King June 18 2008 6:52 PM EDT

A Mace of Disruption [75x1] (+0) worth $50,000 owned by punxontheprowl (My stuff)
A Mace of Disruption [75x1] (+0) worth $6,823 owned by j'bob (The Crow)

odd nw difference of one persons MoD, not a huge bug just a minor curiosity.

j'bob June 18 2008 8:03 PM EDT

hey!... thats me! :D ^

Usul [CHOAM] June 18 2008 8:10 PM EDT

jbob has a pirated version of MoD hehe Hope it doesn't fall apart when you hit some one with AS

INDColtsFan18 June 18 2008 8:13 PM EDT

j'bob's whats just made from cheaper matieral. Oh and I should note you get what you pay for. Good luck and I hope it doesn't explode on contact.

King June 18 2008 8:39 PM EDT

no the 50k nw one is the bugged one i should have made this more clear

punxontheprowl June 18 2008 9:30 PM EDT

Hmmm, on my equip screen it says the NW is $6824 and thats how much it adds, but the BS screen shows its worth $50,000 too.
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