OB Sale PR part 1 (in Public Record)

QBOddBird June 19 2008 1:45 PM EDT

Hatchet, Kong Ming, novice and Dark Dreky, you have won the following items:

Hatch: AoAC
Kong Ming: Corn
Dreky: AoI
nov: multiple instas, CML

Please confirm in this thread, send payment, item will follow shortly. Thanks for participating in this sale :)

TheHatchetman June 19 2008 3:31 PM EDT

payment will be a bit behind schedule, due to me meaning to sell my SBs, but accidentally putting my NSC into auctions at a bargain basement price >.< I assure you I'm not a flight risk, I'll get it to ya ASAP :P

Kong Ming June 19 2008 8:52 PM EDT

Kong Ming (Ulquiorra Schi) QBPheasant Plucker (Black Sophist) $5000000 8:52 PM EDT

QBOddBird June 19 2008 10:51 PM EDT

nov and Kong Ming have fulfilled their payment

Dreky and Hatch remain, though Hatch explains himself in his post :)

Dark Dreky June 21 2008 12:58 PM EDT

Dark Dreky [t] (Dreky Jr.) QBPheasant Plucker [t] (Black Sophist) $1000000 12:57 PM EDT

I still owe 2m. Due to my unexpected difficulties of finding a 2m loan, I will try to pay the rest off within the next week or so. Best case scenario, I'll find a loan soon. Cheers!

QBOddBird June 21 2008 1:28 PM EDT

Sending Dreky's AoI now, sent Hatch's AoAC

Dark Dreky June 24 2008 9:28 PM EDT

Dark Dreky [t] (Dreky Jr.) QBPheasant Plucker [t] (Black Sophist) $1000000 -- 1m left =) 9:27 PM EDT

QBOddBird June 25 2008 11:55 AM EDT

Awesome! Thanks man!

Dark Dreky June 27 2008 5:21 PM EDT

Dark Dreky [t] (Dreky Jr.) QBPheasant Plucker [t] (Black Sophist) $1000000 5:20 PM EDT

Shablamma! Thanks OB! =)

QBOddBird June 28 2008 11:56 AM EDT

Thanks to you too, Dreky! :)
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