CB: Wanna take over a game again? (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird June 19 2008 11:44 PM EDT

I've actually played this one before, and it's pretty simple to PWN. Also, the way clans work in it - you donate money to the clan bank, and the clan can BUY an experience bonus. So in other words, the more people in the clan donating, the bigger the EXP bonus. That's perfect for CB.

So the link: Strathom

We should easily pwn, as the game was totally reset a week ago, and because older players can help new players FLY through the ranks.

You'll find me in the game as OddBird. I'll be fighting every chance I get to try and start a clan for us. Suggestions on a clan name? I was thinking "Valinorians" for old time' sake...

j'bob June 19 2008 11:58 PM EDT

um, we haven't taken over the last game we set to take over yet!
ya phreaky tongued philanderer!

QBOddBird June 20 2008 12:08 AM EDT

Best stats:

For mages: PSI, then VIT
For sharpshooters: AGI, then STR
For all tanks: STR, then AGI
For Assassins: SPD, then AGI

j'bob June 20 2008 12:15 AM EDT

I will not be ignored! Arrrgh! Woogie woogie.

/sigh. okay, maybe I will. Sorry.

Ryuzaki June 20 2008 12:16 AM EDT

methinks speed will be important, it gives evasion!

QBOddBird June 20 2008 12:35 AM EDT

"Strength is the primary attribute to how hard warriors hit in combat.
Agility is now easily your character can evade others and affects how likely you are to hit the opponent.
Vitality gives a bonus to defense, and also is important for magic users, as it affects their spell damage, and cast chance.
Psi is the primary attribute for mages; it greatly impacts spell damage.
Speed is important for all classes of character. It affects how many strikes you get against your opponent in each round, as well as warriors' chance to hit and every character's evasion. "

QBOddBird June 20 2008 1:51 AM EDT

Oh yeah, things of note:

You can't Chat until lvl 25
Game isn't yet supported by FF, game creator hasn't gotten around to it. Use IE

QBsutekh137 June 20 2008 8:34 AM EDT

And you want to take such a game over (IE only)? Blech. *smile*

j'bob June 20 2008 8:41 AM EDT

Hmm, good point Sut! Instead of taking it over, shouldn't we all just turn our backs to it and shun it as sad and little?
"Go away little game, you smell and you're not pretty enough or cool enough to hang out with us."
/me can be soo cold.

QBsutekh137 June 20 2008 9:07 AM EDT

Indeed! We must not encourage IE use!

Xiaz on Hiatus June 20 2008 9:10 AM EDT

What's wrong with IE?! :)


Flamey June 20 2008 9:42 AM EDT

"Game isn't yet supported by FF, game creator hasn't gotten around to it. Use IE "

I loled. I thought all developers hate IE with a passion?

Flamey June 20 2008 10:16 AM EDT

Started up, I'm Flamey.

I found this..

Class: Precious Stone
Grade: 13
Value: 1,508,733
Has the mysterious ability to make women happy

I'm just going to assume 1.5 mil is a lot considering I got it from a dog, yay?

Flamey June 20 2008 10:42 AM EDT

Drauglin helped out, nevermindd

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] June 20 2008 10:51 AM EDT

Honestly... I'd play it... But its IE only...

tWIsTEd June 20 2008 11:43 AM EDT

joined as twisted lol.

tWIsTEd June 20 2008 1:26 PM EDT

i lol'd at this:

Class: Precious Stone
Grade: 38
Value: 519,698,436

Item Effects:
Has the mysterious ability to make women happy

QBOddBird June 20 2008 2:23 PM EDT

I like Stratholm's clan design better than ours =X

Tyriel [123456789] June 20 2008 2:42 PM EDT

The clan is set up!

For all those who want to join, it's called Valinorians. Just apply to join, and you'll be accepted ASAP. :D

matteo48 June 20 2008 3:41 PM EDT

Have just been accepted thanks!

Shall I just keep attacking the dog until I get to lvl 25 or what?

Tyriel [123456789] June 20 2008 3:48 PM EDT

You should be attacking the strongest monster you can beat in 1-2 hits.

You'll probably be well below level 25 by the time you can beat monsters stronger than the dog. Every so often, just deposit all your money in the bank (so you don't lose it in case you die), and fight slightly stronger monsters than the one you're fighting, and see if you can beat any stronger monsters in 1-2 hits.

Of course, if you take a lot of damage fighting an enemy, you probably should find a weaker one. Enemies that use magic are a lot harder than normal monsters, so you'll probably want to avoid them unless you need a spell.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 20 2008 3:54 PM EDT

I just sent a request to join the clan.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 20 2008 4:24 PM EDT

Umm, is it just me, or is the starting area surrounded by invisible walls? I can't seem to see a difference between the floor and them. So I can't get very far.

lostling June 20 2008 4:37 PM EDT

Lostling the level 34 Ogre Brute. roar :)

matteo48 June 20 2008 4:43 PM EDT

I just got this:

Class: Precious Stone
Grade: 43
Value: 943,754,853
Has the mysterious ability to make women happy

What do I do with it?

DH June 20 2008 4:59 PM EDT

Monsieur Parenteau: i have the same problem. dunno if thats a feature or not

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 20 2008 5:00 PM EDT

Mmm, nevermind, it was a problem with the install file. Anyways, I may join the clan soon :)

Paddy Boy June 20 2008 5:41 PM EDT

Signed up:


matteo48 June 20 2008 5:52 PM EDT

Just got this too:

Class: Precious Stone
Grade: 57
Value: 3,988,469,012
Has the mysterious ability to make women happy

Help anyone?

Tyriel [123456789] June 20 2008 5:54 PM EDT

Just save them for later, matteo.

They're used for gaining spells, buffing stats, and stuff like that, I think.

And my gems are best. I have a Grade 100 one worth 109,000,000,000. :P

SNK3R June 20 2008 5:58 PM EDT

From chat (regarding stones):

Esper of AllYourBase: You can take ones under Grade 80 to Joe in the Crypt Town (first portal in the Arena) or ones over 87 to Flower Girl in Golden Spire (2nd Portal in Arena)

Esper of AllYourBase: Joe will give a buff spell your first time, and occasionally thereafter. The flower girl will give you a Perfect Flower. 5 Flowers gets you a cookie, which you give to Joe to boost the effect of his buff.

Big Bad John of AllYourBase: Or you can eat the cookies, which is what I do (too impatient to wait for the next Joe spell, I prefer immediate benefits)

Big Bad John of AllYourBase: Only if they are over 50b in value

* I can confirm that giving Joe a pretty decent stone gives you a spell (though one I won't use). I've tried giving most of my stones tot he Little Flower Girl first, but she won't take them. Most likely has to be upper-end.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] June 20 2008 6:00 PM EDT

Anyone know a site with advice and things to know about this game? I'm having a heck of a time finding information on it.

SNK3R June 20 2008 6:02 PM EDT

Lots of good stuff here: http://www.blackmaze.co.uk/

Darkwalker [Jago] June 20 2008 6:03 PM EDT

joining the clan waiting list.......

Pheather June 20 2008 9:02 PM EDT

Whoa, I'm so playing this game, gimme a second, I'll be Rocket.

Pheather June 20 2008 9:11 PM EDT

Wait, nevermind, Rocketeer. What does a dark mage do? What's the difference between that and a warlock?

Greyfeld June 20 2008 10:53 PM EDT

I was asking the guys last night if there was a CB clan set up yet and they said they didn't know. However, I guess there is, so if there's still room, invite me, name is Greyfeld.

On another note, has anybody seen anything on their policy about making multiple characters?

QBOddBird June 20 2008 10:56 PM EDT

It is called Valinorians

They have no multi policy, but there's no advantage to having multiple accounts

N0seBLeeD June 20 2008 10:56 PM EDT

I hate You Pheasant <3 No one tries MY game

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 21 2008 5:59 AM EDT

I'm on there as Zoglog, how do you swap equipment? I've tried just equipping and it tells me something is already equipped in that position.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 21 2008 6:08 AM EDT

I'm also getting an 'Invalid Clan' error when I press request join.

Draugluin June 21 2008 9:46 AM EDT

You change equipment by unequipping your current one and equipping the new one. Clunky, I know. But well.

You really cannot apply? Odd.

I tried Outwar a long time ago lol, yuck.

QBOddBird June 21 2008 10:40 AM EDT

Saw some players talking, and they seem to prefer Opera or Safari for this game.

I dunno, I don't use either browser. Just putting it out there though :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 21 2008 11:03 AM EDT

can i be recruited then since it wont let me apply?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 21 2008 11:04 AM EDT

Nevermind, I incorrectly interpreted what the FAQ meant, I'd still need to apply, their meaning of recruiting is asking someone to apply.
/me hangs head in shame

Tyriel [123456789] June 21 2008 11:09 AM EDT

You couldn't apply because we were full. Apparently there's a max of 20 people in a clan.

So, I guess we'll have to kick people that aren't playing/contributing any more. :(

PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 21 2008 11:44 AM EDT

I just signed up. Can you guess what my name is? (well if you can't, it's Raveshaw.) A rather odd interface, however it effectively keeps me semi entertained and out of trouble.

QBOddBird June 21 2008 7:53 PM EDT

You can kick my character to make room if you'd like; since I am a former player, I have connections to get myself into another good clan if I have need to do so. :)

Also, if everyone makes donations to get a Junk Collector, he'll buy your items that you scavenge for something like 5x what the store pays. Good investment!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] June 21 2008 7:56 PM EDT

You have reached level 25!

Woohoo! ^_^

And for anyone that doesn't already know, I'm Hakai there.

Pheather June 23 2008 6:54 AM EDT

Hmm...This game has no USD influence?

QBOddBird June 23 2008 10:06 AM EDT

Yup, one of the few.

QBOddBird June 24 2008 1:10 PM EDT

Apparently the more members there are in a clan, the more it costs to buy your own Kingdom.

....so, on that note, I'm going to boot everyone but myself and Tyriel from the clan, purchase the kingdom at super-low cost, and then everyone can just apply back in first chance they get. You'll be accepted, I'm taking notes of everyone currently in the clan.

This is also the easiest way to clear inactives. ;)

Little Anthony June 24 2008 1:11 PM EDT

this post is not allowed to reach 1000 replies :P

QBOddBird June 24 2008 1:20 PM EDT

Can't afford any buildings for it yet, but hey, the shack you get upon creation increases everyone's stats by 5%...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 24 2008 1:42 PM EDT

I've reached level 61 today, shows I've had too much time on my hands while recovering from a hangover :P

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 24 2008 9:31 PM EDT

Just signed up, "smallpau1".

How do i go about joining the clan?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 24 2008 11:33 PM EDT

I have put in my app for the clan, just waiting to be accepted now! Thanks!

BluBBen June 25 2008 12:11 AM EDT

I get "Game is currently closed" when I try to log in. What's wrong?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 25 2008 3:53 AM EDT

As SNK4R posted earlier, www.blackmaze.co.uk has a lot of info, maps, quest locations, etc.

kingxx25 June 25 2008 4:29 AM EDT

i would like to going the clan, char name is kingxx25

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 25 2008 5:53 AM EDT

Since clans have very little space, I will create a 2nd one once I reach lvl 100 and have saved a little cash to throw towards clan stuff

Flamey June 25 2008 6:24 AM EDT

I'd join that Zog.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] June 25 2008 8:15 AM EDT

apparantly there is now plenty of space in Valinorians, if demand increases again I'll start this plan back up

lostling June 25 2008 8:31 AM EDT

not to mention it takes like 12mill to buy a kingdom?

[RX3]Cotillion June 25 2008 7:50 PM EDT

RedX3 the level 16 Gnome Brute.

Dunno why I'm a brute as I think I chose to be an assassin, but I guess I'll stick with him for a bit. Put in a request to join the clan as well.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 25 2008 8:26 PM EDT

Someone fix my link to have http:// before the www. please, thanks.

PotatoHead June 26 2008 7:50 PM EDT

sooo.. how do I join a clan in this game? My guy is Viralbug

Phrede July 10 2008 9:42 AM EDT

It seems like almost everyone has stopped playing :(

matteo48 July 10 2008 10:13 AM EDT

Am still playing, but not in the clan! Can rejoin again if I will be accepted!

Phrede July 10 2008 11:06 AM EDT

I am sure you will be accepted - unfortunately I cant accept you as have no standing in the clan :(

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] July 10 2008 11:57 AM EDT

I can take care of it. ^_^ Rejoin and I'll add you back in.
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