A Crazy Idea. (in General)

Xiaz on Hiatus June 20 2008 8:42 AM EDT

Another change month is upon us, and my brain just spat out a cray proposal.

Simple put, battle rewards are determined by the current system PLUS a random amount from the opponent (taken away from the character's money and EXP), obviously the challenge bonus will determine this amount.

It's a long shot, and most likely will never come about, but I think it's a pretty good idea. Makes gameplay more dynamic, since being beaten by someone will have a negative effect apart from lowering your score.


Xiaz on Hiatus June 20 2008 8:45 AM EDT

a crazy proposal even... :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 20 2008 8:45 AM EDT

i could see that creating less competition at the top. the ones who currently cannot really be beat would grow at a faster rate than those that get farmed at all.

it would likely also kill clan-fighting as the reward might be less than the penalty if you get clan farmed much.

j'bob June 20 2008 8:46 AM EDT

Um, sure, as if getting farmed into the ground for your precious clan points wasn't bad enough. Now THIS would be what would end up pushing me out of the game. Add to that the fact that if you wanted to, you could then simply concentrate on someone you weren't liking at the moment and decimate their cash and or EXP sink.
"Sorry, your bid on this auction WAS high enough but you no longer have any money. Goodbye."

Xiaz on Hiatus June 20 2008 9:00 AM EDT

Well, from my point of view it might make the game more competitive.

@ dudemus, I have no idea what the challenge bonuses are like at the top end. But maybe if the challenge bonus was at 0% or lower, then there would be little to zero taken away from the opponent.

@ j'bob, I agree getting farmed sucks and you lose clan points. But if you aren't in a clan there is no negatives to losing incoming battles. I'd really like to see the focus of CB to a more pvp system. I find myself getting bored of sitting here pressing enter until I'm out of BA and training. Carnage Blender is turning into lazy blender.

Just imagine, logging on and finding someone has farmed you senseless, and being able to DO SOMETHING (DD/ST/HP potions?) and return the favour. Instead of just shrugging your shoulders and spending your BA, hoping you can either outgrow them, or slapping on some new armour, training another spell and logging off again.

Daz June 20 2008 9:03 AM EDT

Money stealing is in FORS, if I recall correctly. I can't remember for sure, though.

QBJohnnywas June 20 2008 9:05 AM EDT

I'll think you'll find Jon thinks money stealing is dumb.

Xiaz on Hiatus June 20 2008 9:06 AM EDT

"Q: Wouldn't it be cool if you could take items/money from a defeated opponent, or damage his armor, or something like that?

A: No, it would NOT be cool. Not even with a "really really low probablity [sic]," as one would-be game designer put it. This is completely antithetical to the main premise of CB's economy."

End craziness.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 20 2008 9:18 AM EDT

on the other hand, make it voluntary might spice up the game. So there is this room. If you are in it, you gain 2x XP, BUT whenever you get hit and lose a fight (or challenge and lose a fight), you lose some XP with a cap at your MPR (like 0.005% of XP). so if you do REALLY badly, you can only still lose 0.05% of your XP (you can still fight to try to gain them back and if you can't, well, you lose your 0.05% XP and MPR). After a week or when you feel you are done (with a minimum of 24 hours), you come back out and get normal XP.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 20 2008 9:19 AM EDT

double post: sorry.

and your XP gain would depend SOLELY on beating someone strong. the challenge bonus might get magnified (say LA getting -95% XP or so would mean he grow slower than outside or only slightly faster). (that's to not help the top player TOO much)

j'bob June 20 2008 9:24 AM EDT

"Enter all you who will. Prepare to meet fate! Are you destined for greatness or doomed!!!! The stakes are high but if you prevail, the rewards are higher!!!"

I just got shivers.

Daz June 20 2008 10:09 AM EDT

Well, Slayer might always humbly beg Jon do have it an option he can turn on or off in any given tourney... :D

j'bob June 20 2008 2:45 PM EDT

Daz, that just might be sheer genius. Or maybe not, I wouldn't know.
But that could help solve whatever it was about the tourney before last (the one with the most money thing) that so many people did not like. I know it was also about fightlist spying and copycat strats but imagine if the outcome could have changed if more tourney characters were not only fighting each other (and not the inflated "dead" characters) but were also taking from each other.
For the game I hate the idea, for tourneys (that i've only been in once) I thing that could be great.

j'bob June 20 2008 2:47 PM EDT

sorry bout the double, just wanted to be clear...
I do however like the idea of a "place" to go willingly to reap much higher benefits at the risk of losing some yourself.

INDColtsFan18 June 20 2008 3:24 PM EDT

IF we stole money, it would bring less money into the game and therefore raise the USD to CB exchange rate, which I would like :)

Paddy Boy June 20 2008 3:45 PM EDT

"Hardcore Characters"

D2 Style

MissingNo June 20 2008 4:07 PM EDT

The people at the bottom are the weakest and the poorest (usually). Sure, let's take away all their money. So when they're dead broke and can't afford a revive, I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

Lord Bob June 20 2008 4:08 PM EDT

I vote a resounding "no" on this idea.

Colonel Custard June 20 2008 6:36 PM EDT

I like the tourney idea, and possibly the voluntary Challenge Arena room thing. I do think the Challenge Arena would bring some weird growth dynamics into the game (imagine an NCB with 500% bonus shooting up through the ranks with 100% challenge bonus, with doubled XP gains on top of that! Forget hitting 9/20 on the first day; end your first day in the deadzone!)
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