Insta my Mageseeker for JS's (in Public Record)

PotatoHead June 22 2008 2:22 PM EDT

My bow: A Mageseeker [5x1023] (+58) 11,835,066
His bow: A Mageseeker [5x1111] (+101) 21,328,738

Difference: 9,493,672

70% insta rate. .7 * 9,493,672 = 6,645,571 owed

PotatoHead (Virulence) JS (Felys) $6645571 -- Money for Insta 2:20 PM EDT

I am pretty sure we made the deal last night, I will send the bow after you send me the bow, because if it takes a while I will be farmed like crazy. So let me know and I'll send mine.

iBananco [Blue Army] June 22 2008 2:34 PM EDT

Confirmed, bow will be sent as soon as SK signs on.

winner winner June 22 2008 3:07 PM EDT

SK (Item Storage) PotatoHead (Virulence) A Mageseeker ($21328738) 3:07 PM EDT

PotatoHead June 22 2008 8:55 PM EDT

PotatoHead (TaTer's Wallet) JS (Felys) A Mageseeker ($11835066) 8:54 PM EDT
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