W O O T !!1!eleven!uno!11! (in Off-topic)

j'bob June 24 2008 5:58 PM EDT

I've not yet really celebrated any milestones so I'm not letting this one slip by!

!7 additional BA are supplied every 20 minutes!


BootyGod June 24 2008 6:05 PM EDT

Grats, J'bobber =)

00 June 24 2008 6:05 PM EDT

That's no milestone bud. It's the worst news you've gotten all day. Anyways, congrats!!

{cb1}Linguala June 24 2008 6:09 PM EDT

lol, what the dude above me said.
Gratz dude

j'bob June 24 2008 6:25 PM EDT

Worst news?
With rewards in the toilet for quite some time now, the idea of the following seems like pretty dern exciting news to me.

"someone getting 7 BA will have 25% of the "normal" penalty for fighting down. Someone getting 8 BA will have 50%, etc."

j'bob June 24 2008 6:26 PM EDT

and while I'm on the subject, thanks to trying to urinate in my cheerios sal.
I take back what I said in previous threads, you're just not friendly at all.

Lord Bob June 24 2008 6:44 PM EDT

I hope to get there sooner than never. With all the bloody N*Bs passing me, it's an uphill battle.

th00p June 24 2008 7:12 PM EDT

Yes another thread that j'bob pwned. I think. Wait, would he pwn his own thread?
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