Contemplating (in General)

PotatoHead June 26 2008 10:43 PM EDT

Anyways, I have a UC minion, which is all well and dandy. Oh an this is on my NCB Virulence. So I am thinking of changing:

UC minion to a second PL battery.
DM minion and retraining hisAMF to DM as well.
Changing him to a DD minion(I have tried CoC , but think I need NSC's for that to work well)

Each of my minions is about 25% of my
MPR, Usually I just untrain/retain but after this last week I have done it so often poor Cleric is getting smaller and smaller. I'm worried that doing so will cause me more loses to the mage teams out there since AMF both reduces damage and causes damage. Anyways, I'm confused as to what I should do, so anyone willing to offer their two cents on the matter, I would greatly appreciate the input. Or any changes at all. I know I need some gear, but that's a ways off I for now, so I'm looking to try and make some changes to the minions itself. He's the only minion I don't feel as though he's living up to his potential, but any criticism/advice is welcome.
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