Looking for clan members for Hakidoshi (in General)

Hishyuga [Hakidoshi] June 30 2008 11:20 PM EDT

Join me and my new clan .current score is 1,364 and rising I will be on alot raising everything.

VivaPinata June 30 2008 11:48 PM EDT

Just so you know, you are not allowed to have two accounts.

j'bob July 1 2008 12:02 AM EDT

OR 3! lol... I'm sure there's a clear explanation. ;)

Hishyuga [Hakidoshi] July 1 2008 4:11 AM EDT

1 is my friends 1 is mines,friend doesn't have computer and will barely be on.other is my other friend but he doesn't play it and he does have a computer

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 1 2008 4:48 AM EDT

You just contradicted what you said earlier in my PM box and in chat, confused are you?
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