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TheHatchetman July 5 2008 3:23 PM EDT

I'm not the best of people, but I try. I lose my temper from time to time. Yell at people that, in retrospect, did not deserve it. And I know I've been in more than a handful of fights that were unnecessary... I try to make up for things like that by helping people... You guys tend to see my fight stories, on account they're interesting. Pushing a woman's car into a gas station then giving her the last 3 bucks I have on me so she can get enough gas to get he kids home while I walk home because I didn't have the cash for a bus doesn't make for a good read... Either way though, I help people in any situation I can ^_^

This morning though, I wasn't exactly in the position to be helping anyone. I was so hungover from last night that I felt weak, nauseous, and had a headache so bad it was making my ears ring... I make it down to the bus stop to get home from the scene of the party, and there are two others there. But they are both spread far apart trying to find the shadiest regions near the stop. I find a little piece of shade in between (about 15-20 feet away from eaither one of them), and sit... About two minutes later, I'm puking straight fluid. The woman starts walking off and says "Shoulda thought about this last night". By the time I finished my puke session, I could see her coming towards me with a bottle of water, less than a minute before the bus came.

I have no religious ties, so no devout reason for being a decent person. I'm not the guy that helps and stands around waiting for a reward. I play a system where all will be set right in the end of things (helps me stay laid back most of the time ^_^). For this woman (who I've never met or seen before) to walk the 2 blocks in the sun (in heat that had me dripping sweat in the shade even before I started puking) up to the gas station, then spend $1.25 of her money, all while risking missing the bus and being late for work... All for an obviously not-so-perfect stranger... It's awesome, not sure what other words to describe it.

The only upsetting part, is my level of shock at the matter... Why should it be so amazing to find someone willing to help their fellow man/woman? Perhaps, I'll never know... But this incident will help act as even more motivation to help in the future.

So why did I post this? Not sure. But if you find yourself in a position to help someone, and find yourself debating on whether or not you want to do it, I hope you can remember this thread (or any instances you may have had in the past, even somewhat similar to this).

Far as any wondering how my hangover turned out, 1 bottle of water, 100mg of Dimenhydrenate, 1000mg of Acetaminophin, and 3 hours of sleep later, I'm back to 100% ^_^

VivaPinata July 5 2008 3:39 PM EDT

You would've been proud of me. I was like an awesome boy scout today. Seven years ago, I might've even gotten a badge of courage or something. Alright, this morning, I was dropping off books at the library. At one of those drop them in here boxes. It just so happens that my library is located at the most secluded place ever. The library was closed today, and I doubted there was another person in a mile radius. I was slightly groggy, but sober enough to know this probably actually happened. I dropped my books in, and I turn around to this random van pulling in. Out pops the creepiest dude in a pedophile custom ever. Not even those smell bald men types, but more like a chase-you-down truck driver type. I think scary music might have played in the background. And he basically talks about the most random stuff, and asks me to borrow my cellphone to call his aunt or something.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't as epic as your stranger story. But, whatever, I helped somebody out. I feel good about myself. I still have the cellphone. I win. :)

j'bob July 5 2008 6:11 PM EDT

unless of course viva, the call he made made it possible to piggy back on your cell phone bill for the month.
So I'm a jaded individual, so sue me. :)

But I do hope the karma train keeps running strong for the both of ya!

Ernest-Scribbler July 5 2008 6:32 PM EDT

I believe in Karma, i've seen it happen. I am fairly sure that next time if you are in her position you will do more to help than you would of in the past. I assume that is what she is hoping to. About 3 weeks ago i was doing the same thing you where, throwing up on my way home. I would have loved a bottle of water.

Sickone July 5 2008 7:06 PM EDT

I don't exactly believe in karma - for me, there's no such thing as "all good and all evil balancing out" eventually.
But I do try to do the best I can, when I can.
Life experiences (that I don't especially like to go into details about) made me both sarcastic and a bit to cynical for my younger self's tastes.

To put it another way, I almost consider that the days of man as a communal creature have ended or are about to.
There's no more natural pressure towards helping mankind acheive something - there's no serious threat anywhere in sight but your fellow man himself.

As such, I really am surprised myself that sometimes people actually still do help one another for some obscure reason. And it's not religion, oh heck no, I hate institutionalized religions (the establishment, not the people) with every fiber of my being... it's just that old gene-encoded habits really do die hard, and somehow the selfishness today's society cultivates still gets overcome by our own ancestral need for community and helping eachother out.

Yes, I am also quite surprised each and every time somebody does something for me too... I am also surprised about how much people I know care about me, even if (by my own standards) haven't done much for them in my lifetime... but i guess mankind STILL has a little bit of hope.

...sorry for the long speech saying really nothing, I'm just a little bit "under the influence" myself at the time being.
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