MR Chairman and CB (in General)

King July 5 2008 6:58 PM EDT

In the past on cb1 Jon Auctioned off a few confiscated items for USD on E-bay and it got me to thinking, what if some of the larger items the server bought were periodically auctioned off back into the CB community this would support both the server and the masses of people complaining about how they were outbid only to have an item disappear forever.

Thoughts, Flames, pg curses at usd spenders?

Cube July 5 2008 7:04 PM EDT

If they are auctioned back, the purpose of central bank is defeated.

King July 5 2008 7:07 PM EDT

I thought it's purpose was to keep under-priced items from being passed around more than controlling the number of items in the game.

Sickone July 5 2008 7:17 PM EDT

They should periodically be re-auctioned at the MINIMUM price for which they were bought for, and at a BIN price equal to 90% NW + "average NW - average sales price".

Cube July 5 2008 7:26 PM EDT

The thing is if they were sold for USD, they could go for any price, and still be considered underpriced after the conversion rate meaning that CB would be doing nothing but essentially selling CBD for USD. (The bids that Central bank make would add CBD to the economy, and USD would go back to Jon, with no net change on items.)

The items, need to be removed or as Sickone said auctioned at a minimum of what CB bought them for if at all in order for Central Bank to still function.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 5 2008 7:28 PM EDT

i think that if central bank gets them, then there is a reason and they probably do need to be removed from the system. however, i would like to see a base item spawned in its place if it is a non-supporter rare item.
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