Wiki Style Guide update (in General)

AdminJonathan July 6 2008 10:50 AM EDT

Added a "Correct Terms" section.

Summary: please use Power as the full expansion of PR. (NOT "power rating," which is clunky.)

Cube July 6 2008 11:03 AM EDT

I noticed you separated the Game Statistics page. I went with putting everything on one page because it was the same style as the Skills page. I believe someone requested it at the time also.

So does this mean that in general would you prefer separated pages with main pages merely showing links, or should they contain a summary? If so should skills and spells be modified?

Sickone July 6 2008 11:05 AM EDT

Equip page PR / MPR links stil point to old "Power rating" / "Minion powere rating" pages.

AdminJonathan July 6 2008 11:15 AM EDT

Corn: in this case I think separate pages is better. I have no strong opinion about Skills.

Cube July 6 2008 3:58 PM EDT

So the equip page no longer shows Score or Power? Or will this be replaced?

Tyriel [123456789] July 6 2008 4:01 PM EDT

> So the equip page no longer shows Score or Power? Or will this be replaced?

It's already on the Train page. </Jon>

PearsonTritonRaveshaw July 6 2008 4:33 PM EDT

Do you think we can have an option to include score and power rating on the equip page? Now it just looks blank with a bunch of unused space....
Not only that, but could we have the option to have the equip page as our home page again? Then include the home page we have now in the community section with the name of "recent news" or something. I personally like the old home page better.

Relic July 6 2008 4:54 PM EDT

power needs to be on the equip page to see how equipped items affect your power
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