why wont my tank hit? (in New players)

PREECEYpowpow July 6 2008 3:05 PM EDT

it hardly ever does any damage :(

TheHatchetman July 6 2008 3:17 PM EDT

because he's a melee only tank training far too many stats. Try to start off with as few minions as possible, so as to concentrate XP early on, and give each minion a specific job. whether it be mage, enchanter, tank, or wall... early on, encumbrance is totally against walls, so forget that idea for now ^_^

use DD and HP only to start with. Other modifications may help or hinder, so they shouldn't be made until you know a bit more about the game.

Train HP, ST, and DX. Perhaps a skill, such as archery, bloodlust, or unarmed combat. archery only works for bows, bloodlust will increase melee damage, and unarmed combat removes the need for a weapon by providing it's own.

They cast a spell at the beginning of a fight, then they die. Their purpose is not to stay alive so much as it is to cast whatever enchantments it has.

Just have a bunch of HP and heavy armor. There are other types, but again, we'll cross that bridge later ^_^

Very tricky. Use the help button at the top left to link to the wiki, and read through its armor section. So many armor pieces have penalties that make them not worth the while. Meanwhile, others have boosts that can make or break your team ^_^

early on, stick with small weaponry due to having a low weapon allowance. If your weapons' net worth exceeds your weapon allowance, your PR will be raised, and you will be required to fight stronger people for the same rewards, even though you can likely only kill the same people and all the big weapon will do is damage you.

Spend it as much as ya can. You can get more for free by using the '(get more)' link next to where it says how many you currently have. BA won't accrue past 160

Have it. It's a game, remember that. It seems far too often, people lose sight of that and forget about the fun of this great game.

You are! Hope you stick around for a while and grow to be yet another vital member to the CB community ^_^

Colonel Custard July 6 2008 3:40 PM EDT

I second everything Hatch has said.

You currently have 4 minions. If you win 600 Experience from winning one battle, each minion only gets 150. If you only had 3 minions, though, they would each have 200, and if you only had 2, they would each get 300. With a single minion, he would get all 600. Because your tank only has 1/4 of your team's total experience, and on top of that has to split it 4 ways between HP, ST, DX, and BL, it makes a very weak tank to start off with. What most people do is fight up with a single minion so that they can have that one get all the XP for a while and bulk up, and then they add more minions. Some people add a second minion at 100k MPR, some people do at 1 million, some people do at 2 million; it's really your choice.

You're new enough and your minions are small enough that I think it wouldn't hurt you to fire your three other minions and try to build up your tank for a little while, until you feel you need to add on another minion again.

PREECEYpowpow July 6 2008 3:43 PM EDT

thanks guys for the kick ass advice :)
i will now amend my ways :P

VivaPinata July 6 2008 5:12 PM EDT

You might want to give the captain a ranged weapon too. Unless you enjoy having 5 rounds of just having your health being chipped away.

TheHatchetman July 6 2008 5:15 PM EDT

not a problem. but please note that CB has a PG policy, meaning that foul language and adult subject matter are banned from most aspects of the game. Please don't let my use of the word "banned" frighten you, as you are not at risk for one slipup on a rule you most likely didn't even know about. But please try to keep the language appropriate enough for the sake of the younger players :P
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