Evasion revamp idea (in General)

Sickone July 7 2008 3:18 AM EDT

How it works now:

Skill gets multiplied by elven gear (if any) first, then by a certain factor if it's a ranged round.
Current round effective skill level gets added as defensive dexterity.

Physical weapon DX-based chance to hit is calculated depending on attacker offensive DX against defender defensive DX.
It is then CAPPED to 160, 180 or 200, depending on weapon type.

Weapon PTH gets added to that capped value.
Current round effective skill level also gets translated to a certain "minus chance to hit" which is put on top of that previous attack chance to hit value.

End effect ? DX-based chance to hit drops, weapon plus drops but it also affects DX-based chance to hit in case the evasion is higher than the weapon pluses. It's at best a double-dip, or you could even consider it a triple-dip.


Only half of the evasion skill levels get added to defensive DX.
The other half of the evasion skill levels get translated to a "minus chance to hit".

DX-based chance to hit is calculated and is upper-capped at 200/180/160/whatever.
Weapon plus (and any leadership or other PTH bonuses) gets calculated and has the evasion-based penality subtracted from it. If it goes below zero, it is bottom capped to 0.

The two previous capped values get added together for the actual chance to hit.

End effect ? Evasion is still good at reducing DX-based chance to hit, it still is good for countering USD plus to-hit weapons, but it no longer double/triple dips.

Eh ?

PearsonTritonRaveshaw July 7 2008 4:40 AM EDT

It's almost two in the morning. I don't know what you're talking about. But since it sounds like you know what you're talking about, I agree.

Sickone July 7 2008 2:38 PM EDT

Well, I guess reading it again in the morning/afternoon would be advisable ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 7 2008 2:40 PM EDT

No reason to train it Sick.

You'd be better off spending the XP into Dex (as a Mage) and using DBs.

A change like that to Evaison makes the skill redundant.

It's one of the problems when trying to balance it.

Sickone July 7 2008 2:44 PM EDT

Not really completely redundant, since you can boost evasion with an amulet of focus too, not just elven gears like the DX.
Also, you can have that as 60%-60% (for a total 120% "effectiveness" capped in both parts) or even 66.6%-66.6% (for 133.3% total effectiveness) instead of the current 100%-100% and no caps whatsoever.

Sickone July 7 2008 2:47 PM EDT

Well, that, or simply cut out defensive dx out altogether from evasion, and leave the CTH reduction uncapped - but then again, increase max DX-based CTH to at least 200% max for 1h weapons and up to 300% max for others.
Then the choice of an evasion character is how much to put into evasion and how much into DX.
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