CoC type archer idea (in General)

Warbringer July 18 2008 11:04 PM EDT

Would an single minion archer build be any good with an IF or EF instead of a ToA?

lostling July 18 2008 11:05 PM EDT

any minion holding a weapon and your familiar spawns infront... and since it can only attacking in melee... not the best of ideas :)

Warbringer July 18 2008 11:06 PM EDT

Forgot about that, thanks lost.

VivaPinata July 18 2008 11:10 PM EDT

IMO, archers try to finish their battles before melee starts, obviously since their strength is in ranged. I kind of see SM archers in a similar strategy-type as SMFB. Halidon may work. FF may work. ToE may work. If you can last the rounds (meaning trading ST + DX + ToA for more HP + IF/EF), then you could give it a shot :)

Cube July 19 2008 12:08 AM EDT

JS uses an RoBF and that only works because he has massive DBs on his archer. I figure in most cases if you are looking to add a magic familiar I'd choose FF because it will likely help with evasion walls more than an SF will.

Sickone July 19 2008 12:54 AM EDT

Personally, I prefer the ToA.

It's a significant improvement to weapon NW (actually, it almost triples my current weapon NW) and also increases both chance to hit from the DX boost and the damage dealt per hit from the ST boost... the encombrance is a no-issue, since I could get 30 times more NW and not yet get encumbred... WA is a more pressing matter, but only for rentals I can't even possibly afford to keep renting.

I don't actually need to try out a MM or FB familiar, I know I'll end up shrinking my fightlist.
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