bot checks and time out. (in General)

j'bob July 19 2008 12:20 PM EDT

So with the push to be more accomodating to mobility I was thinking maybe the current time of two minutes could be extended. Just a bit maybe. three or four maybe. i've timed out more than a couple times due to a bad signal or putting the phone down while waiting for a battle to finish (much longer on the phone when my signal is not good) only to find the time out. Not a massive deal. just a thought.

Obscurans July 19 2008 4:49 PM EDT

How about making the time out automatically fail only the first check, that way if you forget about the check you don't need to wait the hour. Another time out would fail the second obviously.

Lord Bob July 19 2008 5:51 PM EDT

Five minutes would be nice.

Cube July 19 2008 11:22 PM EDT

Truncating spaces at the end would be nice; my T9 automatically puts one when I enter a three letter botcheck.
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