what is the ratio for cb and neopoints (in Off-topic)

Grimmjow July 20 2008 8:18 PM EDT

does any one here still play

INDColtsFan18 July 20 2008 8:19 PM EDT

what are neopoints, is my question.

VivaPinata July 20 2008 8:21 PM EDT

The currency of Neopets?

{cb1}Linguala July 20 2008 8:25 PM EDT

aren't this kind of trades forbidden?

Grimmjow July 20 2008 8:32 PM EDT

yes but people do it anyways
what i mean is what is the rate like how many cb for neopoints

VivaPinata July 20 2008 8:55 PM EDT

According to a google search, 1M Neopoints = $19.00.

MissingNo July 20 2008 9:00 PM EDT

Forbidden on Neopets, but not CB, which really doesn't matter, because how would the NP people know?

Yukk July 20 2008 9:09 PM EDT

They might not know, but Jon does and I believe there's a rule that you can't break other games' rules here in this regard.

TheHatchetman July 20 2008 10:12 PM EDT

Nope. Jon said to ask admins to police the rules of other games would be too taxing.

INDColtsFan18 July 20 2008 11:01 PM EDT

if 1m Neopoints=$19
and 1m CB= about $4
then its almost 5 to 1 conversion.

Flamey July 21 2008 3:35 AM EDT

Someone did try, and it was shut down saying it was illegal?

[P]Mitt July 21 2008 4:09 AM EDT

Flamey, I tried with Runescape, and SNK shut me down. Somebody else tried and that led to a major discussion, ultimately Jon said something along the lines of him being okay with it on this game even if it's against the rules of other games, and to let the admins on the other games police their policies.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] July 21 2008 4:32 AM EDT

Neopoints trading for CB D and vice versa is also forbidden on CB

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 21 2008 5:25 AM EDT

If you know that what you're trying to do is against the rules on another game then please do not post it here on our forums.
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