Singe minion setup help (in General)

superior me July 21 2008 9:40 AM EDT

im currently a single minion archer with a mageseeker however due to evasion im finding it hard to make up a decent fight list i really need help in finding a strategy with as little as possible weaknesses since almost every decent mage is running evasion im currently not doing the best i can, im thinking of a sg evasion minion with a toe, i was thinking of fb but large amf running 3 or more minions would hurt, so as far i can tell sg would be best

advice please if possible a full list of gear tats and exp distribution you suggest i use when u tell me a setup would be great

thanks in advance :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 21 2008 10:43 AM EDT

You're doing 3-8K Damage in Ranged versus me (low AC but a ToE and Evasion) with your 90K STR. What size is your Bow, that seems like too small damage.

Sickone July 21 2008 11:51 AM EDT

Don't bother with evasion targets, get a ToA and use an ELB ? :)

QBOddBird July 21 2008 12:43 PM EDT

I rather like the single Mageseeker archer strategy...when you put a ToA on there, PTH will fly up and you can invest more in HP; also, pump the + on your bow more than the x, damage doesn't matter if you don't hit.

For now, just don't attack evasion minions, there are others you can hit. Either that, or focus more into DX so you can beat the defensive DX of evasion.

Otherwise, my suggestion would be single UC minion with a SoD.

superior me July 21 2008 7:14 PM EDT

my bow is probably the biggest used on someones at 140k mpr its x200 + 50 at 3.7m nw, it does the same amount of damage as my x137 +17 elb but with the msk im getting tripple hits, im running a roe atm and i plan on doing so for at least another month. then i was thinking ToE or ToA, also if i use a elb like i was before il drop down to -250k score again due to overpowering and use of evasion at least with msk i can kill the damage dealer and then ive got the rest of the rounds till hit the evader simular with walls/ac walls were as with elb i get killed in 6th or 7th round by most my lvl even lower.

i say nerf evasion and i dotn have to change :) because a 60k evasion can stop a +50 bow lol if you look on wiki itl show 60k evasion should knock like +10 off my bow not make it so retarded i cannot even hit once and buff up dex vs evasion because atm theres no conparison between the two :(, on the upside ive gone to 9/10 and im getting crazy exp now like 1.5k per fight if not more :) so its not all doom and gloom

thanks everyone for the idea, i was thinking of UC and SoD but that wouldnt help me hit on evasion also if its to prevent tanks my level from hitting unless there single minion two they dont hit anyway because my dex is usually much higher

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 22 2008 3:15 AM EDT

It's the Ranged round bonuses to Evasion. They up that 60K (which is what around -25/30 PTH?) to make your Bow miss.

Soxjr July 22 2008 4:08 AM EDT

Just wait. It gets better. If you don't believe me.. Just look at my char and my bow. I still have people I can't hit :)

superior me July 22 2008 6:46 AM EDT

yeah buts thats bs when u have 3m plus dex and a 110m bow the only way u should b able to miss is to fight someones whos evasion matches or is somewhat near your dex and has large dbs to match your bow atm the exp difference it takes to neutralise a tank using evasion is much lower than it is to run a high enough amf to get a decent block on mage and even then at least mages get to do some damage were as tanks are completely useless

evasion is bs and abusive.... well thats my opinion anyways

Windwalker July 22 2008 7:35 AM EDT

superior me- And it was heard throughout the land from low to high but fell upon deaf ears.
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