anyone else (not) seeing this? (in General)

[Beo]AggroHippie July 22 2008 1:58 AM EDT

cant seem to get the background buttons (images) to load up... not sure what the problem is.
troubleshooting precautions:

cleared cookies/cache
restarted FF
Updated FF (to FF3)
double checked FF add-on no-script...
restarted Compy

Daz July 22 2008 2:02 AM EDT

Yeah, that's happening to me at the moment as well. I know one of my extensions updated when I started firefox this morning, but I honestly wasn't paying enough attention to know which one it was.

Colonel Custard July 22 2008 2:03 AM EDT

Yes, me too. I thought my computer was bugging out, and then after making sure that it was cool, I decided it must a new re-theming design feature thing.

Daz July 22 2008 2:03 AM EDT

Oh. I forgot to mention - Adblock Plus is installed, but not active, so I'm pretty sure it's not that.

Yukk July 22 2008 2:03 AM EDT

I think it's a theme change/partial update. I just got it after midnight.

[Beo]AggroHippie July 22 2008 2:04 AM EDT

yeah, the rest of the stuff that changed looks really nice, just cant see the buttons...

Flamey July 22 2008 2:38 AM EDT

The only difference I've noticed so far (besides buttons missing) is that the hover links are highlighted in red, it wasn't red before was it?

I.E. hover over "Clans" -> "Admin" - The background goes red.

Mirick July 22 2008 2:48 AM EDT

Mine are still blue.

AdminJonathan July 22 2008 3:03 AM EDT


Lochnivar July 22 2008 6:32 AM EDT

I didn't have any issues until after the 'fixed' post....

Of course I suspect this is due to me switching from a non-vista machine to a vista machine...

Anyway, it appears there is still an issue of some sort.
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