Doctor Popsicle (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird July 22 2008 12:16 PM EDT

Also known as the infamous DOC POP

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] July 22 2008 12:20 PM EDT

lol, OB.

The things you find to do in your spare time never cease to amaze me.... *laughs*

MissingNo July 22 2008 12:39 PM EDT

LOL. That's even better than Dr. Octagonapus. Can you do a Jokernaut? (Joker Juggernaut?)

j'bob July 22 2008 12:54 PM EDT

and there I thought it was gonna be a ranger reference. ;p

QBOddBird July 22 2008 3:33 PM EDT

Of course it was a ranger reference, you sillly little plastic man!

SimplyNic July 22 2008 3:59 PM EDT

Little bored there OB? Lol

QBOddBird July 22 2008 4:58 PM EDT

Beautiful, if I do say so myself.

MissingNo July 22 2008 4:59 PM EDT

OH MY GEEZ! I love you so much now OB!
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