EB's or DB's (in General)

superior me July 23 2008 4:07 AM EDT

im wondering when you have high dev what is better displacement boots because they grant evasion or elven boots because it will increase my dex as well as pth and it will also grant evasion to some extent if it can push my dex over other tanks my score range

im new so i dont really know all that much so some experienced help would be muchly appreciated

lostling July 23 2008 4:14 AM EDT

better off with EBs in most cases

iBananco [Blue Army] July 23 2008 4:27 AM EDT

When you have nice DBs and can equip them, they're amazing at stopping other tanks. Otherwise you'll just have to eat the losses vs. multiminion ELB teams and exbow teams.

superior me July 23 2008 4:33 AM EDT

thanks keep em coming... y do u have to disagree with each other your making it harder lol

i use a msb so mages are my main target and large teams using tanks dont do much to me because of dex and str lvl difference because i have 3 or 4 times the exp to spend on my minion were they have to spread,

does the bonus to dex by ebs count towards defensive dex?

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] July 23 2008 5:00 AM EDT

EBs only add to dex and skills. unless you have evasion trained they wont add to the evasion skill or defensive dex provided by evasion.

DBs give a straight PTH reduction.

So for your Archer, The DBS will give better defence.

I use EBs on my Archer for the dex bonus, higher dex means double, triple hits. See the wiki for the formula

Sickone July 23 2008 5:12 AM EDT

Elven boots increase dexterity, period. It's as if you actually trained that DX. Applies both in offence and in defence.

Displacement boots grant no defensive dexterity at all. They only reduce enemy chance to hit. But yes, they can reduce chance to hit also beyond the enemy weapon plus, but they don't "double dip" in two ways.

Evasion (also boosted by elven boots by the same percentage as straigth dexterity) grants BOTH a chance-to-hit reduction like displacement boots do, but also grants additional defensive dexterity, influencing therefore (if effect is greater than enemy weapon plus) the enemy dx-based chance to hit twice (once from the extra dx, the other from excess effect compared to weapon plus).

As long as you train evasion, Elven Boots become more valuable soon enough, after a certain amount of XP trained in evasion (compared to DB of same NW, varies a bit).

If you don't train Evasion, go with displacement boots... you can't compete with enemy evasion from adding DX anyway, and you get more protection with evasion than with extra DX too.

Sickone July 23 2008 5:20 AM EDT

"I use EBs on my Archer for the dex bonus, higher dex means double, triple hits."

Actually, higher DX can mean at best double hits without a hefty plus on the weapon.
Triple hits are ONLY possible with some weapon plus, and that only assuming the enemy has far less evasion effect compared to your ELB plus... and also assuming you still keep the DX advantage compared to enemy evasion-granted defensive DX.

With a moderately hih DX archer, against an evasion trained to a base effect of 200 or higher (not unheard of even in 4-minion teams), you'd actually be lucky to make ONE hit a round using just a +100 ELB, and that only in the later ranged rounds, when the ranged evasion boost is nearly gone.
Heck, against the best DBs in the game (granting ONLY an evasion effect of around 300 but no defensive DX at all), you STILL don't hit at all with just a +100 ELB even if you have all your XP put into DX.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] July 23 2008 5:31 AM EDT

"Actually, higher DX can mean at best double hits without a hefty plus on the weapon. "

Yup my bad maximum of 1 extra hit from dex bonus.

superior me July 23 2008 5:46 AM EDT

still not decided but leaning towards dbs but the only thing is what if i decide to go mage with evasion what is better then? i want something that is transferable from one setup to another, thanks for everyones input so far

Sickone July 23 2008 6:37 AM EDT

* if you train high evasion, EB
* if you train low evasion, DB
* if you don't train evasion, DB
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