Archer Strategy Question (in General)

[LittleRed]Calynne July 23 2008 10:45 PM EDT

Okay... so, I have Christopher II doing the whole Archer with AMF minion and Decay with PL minion...

The question is, should I buy a third minion, say to train FB and HP to increase ranged damage... or just continue on with just the two.

I was planning on bringing Robynne out of retirement and buying her a second minion once this NCB was over, but I'm wondering if its even worth it to bother...

Third option, start another NCB, this time with the three minions from the very beginning.

*has no idea what she's doing* xD

QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 11:25 PM EDT

If you think you have no idea, you are probably in just the right spot. *smile*

Don't buy anything. If you think having a minion later is important, keep saving money for it. It's just more MPR later for a nice enchanter.

As for the best things to train? Clearly I have no idea. Why do you think I chose the one-trick-DM pony? It's easy. :)
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