Issue: Sidebar drop down list gets cut off (in General)

Flamey July 25 2008 12:31 AM EDT

Useful title FTW. On the drop down list branching from community, the right side of the list doesn't close off because it cuts off. The "e" is getting slightly cut off on "refer someone". Just thought I should let that be known.

Xiaz on Hiatus July 25 2008 12:35 AM EDT

Should just make the Quick Links one colomn. Might work better that way.

Flamey July 25 2008 12:39 AM EDT

I think it's so it's facebook friendly. Not that I've used FB before, but you don't have a large field for where the app is?

TheHatchetman July 25 2008 12:43 AM EDT

If you're in FF, you can just click a blank area on the sidebar and move it around with your arrow keys ^_^

Flamey July 25 2008 12:51 AM EDT

Then the rest of it gets cut off :o

TheHatchetman July 25 2008 1:00 AM EDT

I know, doesn't that suck? :P It was really hell back when it moved up and down, especially seeing as I had no idea what caused it and I was using down+enter to fight... :P

Sacredpeanut July 25 2008 7:52 PM EDT

I like the idea of having the quick links in one list as well, but if that breaks the face book app then another idea would be to swap Community with either Clans or Auctions since both of those drop down lists take up less space width wise.

{cb1}Linguala July 25 2008 8:00 PM EDT

you know, you can slide the 2 sides...
You have the left screen, a small line and the right screen, if you hover your mouse on that small line, it'll form an arrow pointing both ways. You can then click and draw the left screen wider...

{cb1}Linguala July 25 2008 8:01 PM EDT

I just did it and the full thing says "refer someone to CB, get $"

QBPixel Sage July 25 2008 8:11 PM EDT

Or maybe we can just change that text to "Free money!" That'll give people more incentive to click it.
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