Hi. im new (in New players)

Helz July 25 2008 8:50 AM EDT

sup guys.

VivaPinata July 25 2008 9:00 AM EDT

Sup yourself :D

Welcome to the Blender of Carnage.

j'bob July 25 2008 9:08 AM EDT

Welcome to the Blender.
All payments may be made in cake.
Please see the manager with questions.
It's five o'clock somewhere.
My desk is sticky with the oil of thunderbirds.

TheHatchetman July 25 2008 9:51 AM EDT

actually j'bob, at the time of posting, it was 5:08 somewhere (probably part of why i hate the song so much... can't be half past noon in one place *and* five o'clock somewhere else... Unless we changed to having 48 time zones...)

/me offers j'bob a 5-layer wedding cake all to himself in exchange for more information.

And now back to the point, heya Helz, welcome to the game! ^_^

j'bob July 25 2008 10:02 AM EDT

/me would argue but.. but... oh all the cake.

Eighth July 25 2008 2:18 PM EDT

Hello and Welcome !!

BadFish July 25 2008 2:48 PM EDT

New players are teh pwnz. Welcome to CB.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 27 2008 11:08 PM EDT

Hello and welcome!
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