Rune of Solitude Question (in General)

BadFish July 26 2008 2:16 AM EDT

So here's the problem. I don't think I'm getting the bonus from my RoS that I should, or the wiki is wrong. Here's what the wiki says:

Grants to its wearer a bonus to its Enchant Defense Spells(ED) of about 1/2 rune level.(e.g. if i have a RoS at a level 300,000 and Ablative shield of 150,000 it will give me a bonus to my ED spell of about 150,000 so my Ablative Shield would be 300,000/150,000)

However, this is what my AS looks like:
Ablative Shield: 69,691 / 24,912

My RoS is almost exactly level 180k. shouldn't I have 114k AS?

Obscurans July 26 2008 2:19 AM EDT

Mine reads 2,791,797/2,378,219 on a 827,157 RoS, dunno what's happening.

I suspect low level effects from some sort of limiting curve (hyperbolic as Jon likes it).

You'll also see DD and things like that "eventually" going to their stated efficiency but not at lower levels.

8DEOTWP July 26 2008 2:20 AM EDT

Neither a max tat nor encumbrance issue?

BadFish July 26 2008 2:24 AM EDT

My tat is 2k under my MTL and no, it's not an encumbrance issue.

lostling July 26 2008 2:34 AM EDT

150k lvls not effect i guess... check your train page

QBOddBird July 26 2008 2:36 AM EDT

lostling would be correct if it is effect.

However, if that's not it, then I hope we see a "fixed" come soon, 'cuz RoS is always in need of love. :)

Cube July 26 2008 2:48 AM EDT

No doubt lostling's right.

"However, this is what my AS looks like:
Ablative Shield: 69,691 / 24,912"

The train page does not have a slash on it. The equip page does and it only shows effect. I'd really be nice if the equip page could show both as well, this has caused multiple confusions.

BadFish July 26 2008 3:09 AM EDT

However in the wiki it shows the 300,000/150,000 with the slash present. That must have been what confused me, because it's written in the way it would be on the EQUIP page, which is where it shows effect.

And anyway, it should be 1/2 tat lvl in effectiveness, not levels. Like OB said: RoS is always in need of love.

Sickone July 26 2008 3:40 AM EDT

No, it's always 1/2 of tattoo level in ED levels, not effect.
And in case of AS, the effect per minion is significantly smaller than the level, especially on multi-minion teams.

Lord Bob July 26 2008 2:51 PM EDT

I calculated my RoS boosted AS and everything on my train and equip pages looks right to me.

Dark Dreky July 26 2008 4:20 PM EDT

More love for RoS!

Or at least a change... something different. It's just lacking something! =/

When is the next changemonth anyways?
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