Forging... Question.... (in General)

DarkMenzo July 26 2008 11:00 PM EDT

So I've been playing for almost a month and I'm looking to start forging to make some money and I don't quite understand the concept... Maybe I just haven't read it fully, but that's not really the question.

What's a good time to start? Isn't it based off of your score/nw/mpr?

Thanks in advance for helping a noob.

Tyriel [123456789] July 26 2008 11:03 PM EDT

Don't forge while you still have your NUB.

Fighting makes you much, much more money.

Forging is based on your MPR, though, so it's best to have a big character when you forge (which fighting will help you get!).

DarkMenzo July 26 2008 11:05 PM EDT

Ok. So big character, we're talking.... 1,000,000 MPR?

Yukk July 26 2008 11:05 PM EDT

Some time after your NUB finishes is probably the best time. Any time before that is disastrous for your character growth.
Forging efficiency depends on character size, so grow that character as big as you can before you start.

QBsutekh137 July 27 2008 1:20 AM EDT

Big chars don't do that much better, it has been shown from time to time. But definitely, no, do not waste the NUB on it.

After that, pretty much start any time you want, you'll do fine. A million MPR is plenty and nice.

Flamey July 27 2008 1:29 AM EDT

NUB don't get a bonus to forging, wasn't that a change? You make more money fighting.
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