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lostling July 28 2008 9:50 PM EDT

1. does TOA increase the PTH from the "weapon" ?
2. which would you rather use:
3. what in your oppinion would be the best ranged weapon used with UC?
4. what shield would you use MGS? BOM? MS?

iBananco [Blue Army] July 28 2008 10:11 PM EDT

CGi + EC. The extra evasion is worth an amazing amount. SoD would be the best weapon, as generally UC people don't have issues with tanks anyways.

King July 28 2008 10:16 PM EDT

1)no clue but as far as i know UC doesn't have an nw so probably not
2)CGI + EC Evasion, Evasion, Evasion
3)SoD, bows lose their CTH since you don't have archery and xbow damage just sucks
4)the shield is a matter of how you're using the UC if you plan on winning in ranged using the UC as a last resort BoM or MgS if you want to use the UC as your main weapon I'd like to think of the SoC since UC is a blunt weapon and uses it's bonus but still most likely the BoM

Usul [CHOAM] July 28 2008 10:26 PM EDT

1. Can be easily tested by someone. Even if it doesn't help UC, it helps your ranged weap, however...
2. CGI + EC is still better, evasion is one of what makes UC unique and strong.
3. Exbow if you are hunting tanks :) SOD is still the best bet in general
4. I would use MGS, if I am multi minion UC. I will use BOM if I am single UC

TheHatchetman July 28 2008 10:41 PM EDT

1) Yes. UC is based off of an invisible weapon tied to an invisible upgrade curve.

2) CGi + EC Evasion and 10 additional points of UC ftw!

3)SoD, you can evade most tanks, and you'll be useless with a bow... process of elimination concludes SoD

4) MgS or none. -5 to UC is harsh.

Cube July 29 2008 1:16 AM EDT

/me agrees with hatchet on every question.

QBJohnnywas July 29 2008 2:52 AM EDT

Depends on how you're going to run the team:

I personally used to like to run UC as a single minion for as long as I could. I would use a ToA and Helms and EBs. The ToA allows you to train UC in a similar fashion to a mage training a DD, so you can build quite a powerful weapon.

In the old days I used an ELB with UC, but since the changes to bows and archery a while ago that's not as good. Using a bow with a ToA will still work, but not as well as it used to. SoD wins these days, due to it having no penalty the way bows do.

I'd train an AMF and use no shield, because being single minion (in this particular explanation!) makes me vulnerable to Decay. But I wouldn't train it very high.

The only change I'd make to that if it was on a multi minion team would be to replace the ToA with a CGI + EC. Then I'd probably use a mage shield and train AMF on one of the other minions. But even if you're going to put it on a multi minion team you're really better off starting off single minion and adding minions later to get the best build.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 29 2008 4:36 AM EDT

Stay single, but use a Gi. It's awesome now. If you use a MGS, no AMF/EC. I'd really like the SoC to work, as UC triggers that, but it suffers from the same flaw the old RBF did.

You can utilise Evasion and something that triggers on hit together.

And really, there's not enough damage reduction layers for Physical to make the SoC worth using.

Usul [CHOAM] July 29 2008 5:55 AM EDT

why use SoC when most tanks can't even touch you ?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 29 2008 9:58 AM EDT

That's the same flaw the old RBF suffered from.... ;)

th00p July 29 2008 4:38 PM EDT

1) Idk/ I don't care

2) Obviously, CGi + EC. The +10 to UC is nice, and the added evasion is invaluable.

3) I like the SoD but then again mine isn't high enough up to do much damage. It spreads out the damage so you can kill all the pesky enchanter meatshields in one round.

4) Shield? Hah! None! I'll take the 5 from UC that the shields would take over any of the benefits of those shields, especially the MS. UC tanks don't need AC, they're nimble little guys much like evasion nerds.

ScY July 29 2008 4:52 PM EDT

The BoM is not a bad choice...

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] July 29 2008 4:55 PM EDT

The only shield worth considering for UC is the mgs and that is not if you are single minion. If you are single minion you might as well forget about mages.

MS obviously doesnt help at all.

BoM helps get more str, but you will get more out of the extra 5 to UC. That is 100 more to x and 6 more pth.
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