admin advice needed (in Public Record)

Usul [CHOAM] July 29 2008 11:17 AM EDT

So here's how it goes. This guy : MustangSal was selling something right before he quits. And was posting on 9th July for the winning bids and asking for payment

But soon after reading the post, I paid him and so did Entreri.

Ryosuke (Chapter House) MustangSal (Blond Ambition) $2200000 -- For AOI Jul 9
RX3]Entreri (The Sea Sprite) MustangSal (Blond Ambition) $2300000 -- Payment: BG's Jul 9

But up till now, we don't hear a single word from him. Both me and Entreri had emailed him in private. I know it's not really a scam but I would like to know any options for both of us to retrieve the items or at least retrieve the cash from his account?

AdminNightStrike July 29 2008 12:03 PM EDT

Caveat emptor

VivaPinata July 29 2008 12:19 PM EDT

Hope that he'll eventually return?

Usul [CHOAM] July 29 2008 12:23 PM EDT


[RX3]Cotillion July 29 2008 10:47 PM EDT

Items have been sent out. Now it's just a matter of Mustang getting all his cash.

MustangSal (Blond Ambition) Ryosuke (Chapter House) An Amulet of Invisibility ($1495095) -- i am sooo sorry 1:20 PM EDT

MustangSal (Blond Ambition) tasuki (Hitaro) A Trollskin Armor ($198265) -- i am sooo sorry 1:22 PM EDT

MustangSal (Blond Ambition) [RX3]Entreri (The Sea Sprite) A Pair of Beleg's Gloves ($2395335) 1:54 PM EDT

MustangSal (Blond Ambition) Lucario (Lloviendo) A Steel Familiar ($5587570) 1:51 PM EDT

VivaPinata July 29 2008 10:49 PM EDT

Lucario (Lloviendo) [RX3]Entreri (The Sea Sprite) $1000000 -- SF, ty for returning 10:49 PM EDT

VivaPinata July 29 2008 10:50 PM EDT

Wait. Whoops..

Me Fail =x

VivaPinata July 29 2008 10:52 PM EDT

Sorry for the triple post...

Lucario (Lloviendo) MustangSal (Blond Ambition) $1000000 -- silly me :D 10:51 PM EDT
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