Hello peeps, I'm new...I guess you knew that. (in New players)

mojomage1 July 30 2008 4:15 PM EDT

Hello an thank you for taking the time and reading my small thread on the new players forums. Well, something about me, I started off yesterday and I discovered this game by pure accident, but it seems pretty good, even as simple as it is. And that's about it. Have a nice day =).

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] July 30 2008 4:19 PM EDT

Welcome to our home!!!


VivaPinata July 30 2008 4:25 PM EDT

It can get pretty complicated, if you're the type that enjoys strategy. And with that, welcome to the Carnage!

I choose you, Hakai! Use huggles! :D

SimplyNic July 30 2008 4:27 PM EDT

Hello. And welcome to this side of insanity :). We hope that you enjoy your stay

mojomage1 July 30 2008 4:38 PM EDT

Thank you, you're very kind. =)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 30 2008 6:40 PM EDT

Welcome to CB! Have fun!

j'bob July 30 2008 6:45 PM EDT

Welcome to the Blender!
It really is all about the CAKE.
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