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BadFish July 31 2008 10:09 PM EDT

I need some new games to play on my new laptop. Games shouldn't be too graphics intensive, but can be around the level of Fable for the computer, since I can run Fable I just found out. Graphics can be as horrid as you please as long as the game is good.
Examples of games I LOVE:
Star Control 2
The Final Fantasy series
the Heroes of Might and Magic series
Diablo series
Carnage Blender!
Warcraft series

Games from the internet would be a huge plus, as they're usually free. I got the full Albion version from the internet, for example.
Any suggestions? Hopefully I haven't beaten all the good games already :D

DSFARGEG July 31 2008 10:50 PM EDT

Tribes 2, 'nuff said

Warbringer July 31 2008 11:06 PM EDT

Tribes 1, its free and one of my favorites. Also Starfighter is a fun browser game.

VivaPinata July 31 2008 11:08 PM EDT

Neverwinter Nights.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Guild Wars.
And of course, DotA is still very popular. :3

[RX3]Cotillion July 31 2008 11:11 PM EDT

Sim City?

IndependenZ August 1 2008 4:42 AM EDT

Maybe Morrowind or Oblivion? Oh, and if you really don't care about graphics and all, Black & White (an old game) might be interesting for you. I loved it back in the day.

Conquest August 1 2008 4:45 AM EDT

Any of the age of empires series. Age of Mythology is great as well and StarCraft is a classic that you can't go wrong with.

Conquest August 1 2008 4:49 AM EDT

Castlevania: SOTN how could I forget that one.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 1 2008 6:21 AM EDT

Rappelz: (Point and click action game) free online MMO. Very fun, great skill system, everybody gets pets, however there are pet classes that can enhance their pets skills and damage and everything. I can show you the ropes =)

Drift city: (driving game) fun driving game by the same company that has rappelz. The cartoon graphics are lame, I admit, however it is still a fun game. Worth checking out IMO. (free)

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl: (FPS) awesome FPS game that takes place near the city of Chernobyl, Russia, the place where the nuclear meltdown happened back in the 80's. Run around and kill mutated animals and mindless zombies, avoid radiated zones and "anomalies." Amazing physics, all around great game.

Darwinia: (Arcade) Very creative retro-ish arcade game. Fun game with cute little green guys that you can't directly control, however they are very useful and can use them as mass armies of chaos and total destruction.

Trackmania (Racing) nations: Indie car racing game that's insanely awesome. Drive on walls, do monster jumps, and play extremely creative user created maps. Free download.

Sword of the New World: (Point and click action/adventure) Kind of a pirates of the Caribbean era game. Have fun with a multi character control system, controlling three characters of your choice. Do quests to unlock certain playable NPC characters that have unique skills and can be better than "stock" classes. Very fun and in depth game.

Battle Realms: (RTS) Ancient china strategy game. Collect rice and water and train peasants into military units. Can send a peasant into a "Dojo" and create a spearman, then an archery range to create a more powerful "Dragon Warrior" with a gnarly looking sword.

Command and Conquer 3: (RTS) Collect Tiberium (green crystals that is basically your only source of income) and create military units and cause total mayhem. Very fun game to play, high replay value. Kind of like a "World war 3 with aliens" type of game.

Command and Conquer: Renegade (FPS) Set in the command and conquer universe, a strategic FPS game where you protect your harvester while it goes to collect tiberium, destroy enemies units, structure and hopefully their entire base, upgrade your character or purchase vehicles with credits, and have fun. =)

Fallout: Tactics: (RTS/Point and click action) Command multiple characters and train up your skills and take out enemies. Very fun and extremely in depth RTS/action game. Can drive vehicles, snipe enemies from distances, start a brawl with melee weapons, or just blow them up with a good ol' rocket launcher.

Star Sars: Knights of the Old Republic (1 and 2): (Action/adventure) STAR WARS!!! Blast your enemies with blasters, cut em up with vibroswords, or just slash them up with lightsabers. Very fun and in depth game. #1 has a much better story, #2 has more features and better gameplay. I do however recommend playing 1 before 2.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 1 2008 6:25 AM EDT

yeah after posting, i discovered many spelling and grammar errors as well as many typos. Please excuse these as it is 3:30 AM and I need some damn sleep. But sleep sucks... I hate sleep. If I never had to sleep, think what I could have accomplished. Think of all the things i could have learned, all the knowledge and wisdom I could obtain by not sleeping. I wish I never had to sleep. Also, to be honest, I'm kind of scared to sleep... Who knows what could happen to me while I'm asleep. I don't know what happens... I don't know what I'm going to dream about. The idea of just being unaware of my surroundings and without control over my thoughts for hours on end is horrifying... I would much rather live life without sleep... =/

QBOddBird August 1 2008 12:16 PM EDT


I still play Black and White. :D Much <3 for that game.

Goodfish August 1 2008 12:25 PM EDT

I recommend Dwarf Fortress.

stevebat August 1 2008 2:27 PM EDT

Diablo 2
warcraft 3
the sims
spore creature creator (amazingly not graphics intensive)

if you like internet games
stratholm (ie only sorry)

{cb1}Linguala August 1 2008 4:46 PM EDT

A very simple game called flatspace.
It's a space rpg, graphically nothing much to it.
2 settings to it, an ending one where you have to gather 6 special parts. If you(captain of the spaceship) die, your save gets deleted and you have to start all over again.
And ofcourse, a non-ending where you can roam freely until you're completely fed up with everything the game has to offer.
There's flatspace and flatspace2. Maybe flatspace3 too, been a few years since I checked it out.
I know there are hacks somewhere for flatspace1 to get the full version for free, but no idea about flatspace2.

Gandalf August 1 2008 5:10 PM EDT

Warlords Battlecry 3 - not a game many have heard of but great strat game however more RPG style than Comman and conquer and the rest of them.

Rise of Nations is quite cool - AOE type game.

The new civilization game.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 1 2008 7:10 PM EDT

Command and Conquers are nice, but if you have not already, or the computer is unable to process the new ones, get Command and Conquer: Red Alert. (1 and 2, though i find the first is best.)

Also, I MUST mention that Doom (Doom 2, Duke Nukem, Hexen and lots of others....) has very nice 3d adaptations made for them that look great, are not super spec heavy. PLUS they retain the original feel of the games. Awesome in a can, right there.

iBananco [Blue Army] August 1 2008 7:54 PM EDT


VivaPinata August 1 2008 10:33 PM EDT

Or some roguelikes. They're always graphic-friendly and fun :P
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