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Ancient Anubis August 2 2008 5:00 AM EDT

i know this is a little dodgy but can we come up with a message to promote cb and get people to sign up then make a program that continues to send out the email to random addresses. even if only 1% respond and only 1% of them join u do that for 1 million email addresses and u got a 100 or more players joining.

Daz August 2 2008 5:09 AM EDT

If we start spamming, I will quit faster than you would believe possible.

Ancient Anubis August 2 2008 5:46 AM EDT

oh well.....

Ancient Anubis August 2 2008 5:47 AM EDT

to the idea that is

Sacredpeanut August 2 2008 8:38 AM EDT

I feel we need to do something to promote Carnage Blender as I truly believe it it one of the best browser based rpg/strategy games out there.

Maybe we need an official carnage blender recruitment drive for say a two week period where people promote the game through forums, blogs, social networks etc in an attempt to get more people into the game.

The person who refers the most people to CB over the two weeks would get a large cash prize (I'm sure many people would be willing to chip in cash if it meant an influx of new players to the game). Obviously there would need to be measures to prevent abuse, possibly making only signups from different IP's and referrals that fight for 300 battles would count.


Daz August 2 2008 8:45 AM EDT

We really do need something to advertise the game. It's just not allowed to be spam :)

We could have something similar, where a person types in an email address and it sends an email with "Your friend ___ thought you would like..."

On the other hand, people can already send a link in an email :)

I've just got "Meet new people. Kill them." as a link in forum signatures.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 2 2008 4:17 PM EDT

Hehe, I tried posting a link in every game directory I could find...but Alienfb still has the best one. All the others just don't get much traffic.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 2 2008 4:24 PM EDT

i recently started saying "" in rappelz "All" and for sale chats.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 2 2008 4:26 PM EDT

We could pool cash to actually pay for advertisement...

QBOddBird August 2 2008 4:26 PM EDT

I've been looking into this as well, and here is the most recent idea I've come up with:

Yarold's is a "click exchange" site, like for the sites where you try to get more clicks for a link. You click other links, and yours becomes active for others to click. Players clicking our CB referral link might just decide to stay and check it out ;)

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 2 2008 4:37 PM EDT

Well, there's a lot to be said about someone who plays a game regularly and recommends a game.

I mean, think about it. If someone popped into chat, advertised a game, then disappeared again forever, what would you think?

But on the other hand, if it's a respected member of the community recommending the game *cough* OB *cough* we tend to take more interest in it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, by actually playing other games, we help bring in new players. OB is the one that pointed this out to me, actually. And it makes a ton of sense.

Cube August 4 2008 2:28 AM EDT

1% of 1 million is 10,000.

I think we could do without the 1% of people that are stupid enough to click on their spam. As people have suggested, something more user-based/viral would be far more effective; I think the contest idea is good.

The other thing that still has problems is the learning curve. The fact that all the strategies in the wiki are outdated doesn't help.
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