Your favorite Pizza! (in Off-topic)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 2 2008 11:05 PM EDT

Mine has to be the Pizza quattro formagi! With a Rum and Coke to wash it down.

Thats 4 different kinds of cheese on one pizza!

What is your favorite pizza? And of course the drink to go with it!

INDColtsFan18 August 2 2008 11:12 PM EDT

Depending on my mood, i go with:

extra sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bacon, ham, green olives


bbq sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon

[RX3]Cotillion August 2 2008 11:15 PM EDT

Catalano's Extra Cheese Big Ed-style.

BrandonLP August 2 2008 11:23 PM EDT

Can't go wrong with a deep dish Super Supreme from Pizza Hut. And if you're not drinking root beer with pizza, you're not drinking the right thing. ;)

Xenko August 2 2008 11:26 PM EDT

Pepperoni, mushrooms, and bacon. And I never complain if there is some extra cheese thrown on there.

Goodfish August 2 2008 11:28 PM EDT

I have to agree with the Barbecue Chicken pizza. It's freaking great.

I've also gotten hooked on "Thai Pizzas", which basically use a peanut sauce, peppers, and special-seasoned chicken, along with chopped peanuts on top. Mmm.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 2 2008 11:30 PM EDT

makes me hungry thinking of it...feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives and jalapenos.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 12:27 AM EDT

I'd have to agree with Xenko. I don't think I've ever had a Canadian pizza, but those toppings are all good alone, so why would they not be excellent together?

Mikel [Bring it] August 3 2008 12:34 AM EDT

Ham and Pineapple is one of my favorites,
I also like Beef and Onion.

My son love the BBQ Chicken, and it's not bad either!!

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 12:38 AM EDT

Gotta give props to Mikel too. Ham and pineapple is delicious. Never had beef an onion, but I'm pretty sure that would be awesome.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 1:28 AM EDT

"Can't go wrong with a deep dish Super Supreme from Pizza Hut." No. You NEED Stuffed Crust.

Pizza with white sauce instead of red, with mushrooms, pepperoni, chicken, and black olives.

Or anything else. Pizza is delicious and versatile, and you can't go wrong. There are elaborate, beautifully-saturated multi-topping pizzas, and there's the regular thin crust pepperoni. I used to work at a pizza place, and I only got the same thing for break food one time.

BadFish August 3 2008 1:30 AM EDT

Jack's Pepperoni. It's not the best pizza, but there are other factors to take into account:
1. It's incredibly cheap. Probably averages out at a buck seventy-five with all the times it goes on sale.
2. It's incredibly easy to make. Buy 10 of em at the store and you have food for 3 days. Takes 20 minutes to make one.
3. As far as frozen pizza goes, it's fairly good.

Yes, I'd rather have chicago style sausage from Rocky Rococo's or my parent's home-made pizza (holy cow their pizza is out of this world) but with all these things to consider I have to go with the pizza I eat the most.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 1:42 AM EDT

I heard something about real Italian pizza being a lot different and that the stuff we're used to has been Americanized like hell.

BadFish August 3 2008 1:43 AM EDT

I dont see anything wrong with "American"-izing something. It's called mixing cultures. So many people look down on America when we really do have a legitimate cuisine and background.

Sorry, that comes out harsher than it should.

8DEOTWP August 3 2008 2:10 AM EDT

Salami, Pepperoni, Onions, Bacon, and Jalapenos on a thin crust with extra cheese (and as many cheeses as possible)..
drinking Dr. Pepper with that

Ancient Anubis August 3 2008 2:13 AM EDT

i've been to Italy and the pizzas there vary as much as any where else. They did have one of my favourite pizza places there in verona. it was a small place that had square pizza slices about 20x20cm and they had about 20 different types. We took home one night 4 slices of 5 different types and it cost like 30aus$ not bad value i reckon

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 2:38 AM EDT

My ex-girlfriend is Chinese, and I know whenever we went out to eat Chinese food she would always complain how different it is from real Chinese food. Apparently "Americanizing" food means putting a lot more oil in it.

If you take it as that, then Americanizing food is inherently bad.

8DEOTWP August 3 2008 2:58 AM EDT

With obesity rates soaring, and heart disease (caused by our western diet) killing more people than anything.. well.. did you ever stop and think that we just don't care? lol. seriously.. it's not like no one has noticed. Additionally, I don't consider "Chinese Food", Burger King, and the like traditional American cuisine.. although it probably is consumed more than anything else.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 3:08 AM EDT

Who was talking about traditional cuisine? I'm pretty positive for the last few posts we were talking about Americanizing food.

[P]Mitt August 3 2008 3:36 AM EDT

I just got back from Italy 2 weeks ago.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Like seriously. You think NY pizza is good? Italian pizza make NY pizza taste like.. well pizza from italy to NY pizza is like filet mignon to beef.

It's just that much better. And until you've actually had it, you don't know what you're missing... so ignorance is bliss. I can't eat a pizza here in the US and think it's the best pizza I've ever had because pizza in Italy is just amazing.

And about "americanizing" ... Chinese food in China/Hong Kong... best Chinese food I've ever had. But lots of Americans are used to the Chef Chu's/Panda Express kind of Chinese food and eating "real" chinese food won't taste as good because they aren't used to it.

So it's all personal. But my favorite pizza I'd have to say is Potato and Sausage Pizza (from Rome, of course). It sounds ... different, but it was truly the most amazing Pizza I've ever had.

{cb1}Linguala August 3 2008 4:19 AM EDT

hmmm, Turkish pizza.
It's not round, but rather long and pointy.
It's about half an arm long and about a hand wide, thumb included :p.
My fave is the original, standard pizza with minced meat.
But of course, they come in different kinds too.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 3 2008 6:26 AM EDT

Pizza made in Italy rocks, they have so many types and even per region they have a specialty.

Pizza with ham, pineapple, cheese and tomato sauce (which is called pizza Hawaii) is definitely my second favorite pizza of all time.

IndependenZ August 3 2008 7:16 AM EDT

Pizza Calzone. You know, that's the one they 'fold up' and serve to you with a meat-tomato sauce on top. Delicious.

Wait I love the Pizza Frutti di Mare too! With shrimp and squid and stuff like that. Truly tasteful :D

But I regularly order a Pizza Quattro Stagioni as well. Four seasons, four different tastes, that's incredible to me.

God I love pizza.

SNK3R August 3 2008 11:58 AM EDT

Who offers this BBQ chicken pizza? That sounds really good...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 3 2008 1:52 PM EDT

First off, Pizza is not an Italian invention, real Italian restaurants do not even offer pizza as an option.
Secondly, I'm all for Domino's Pepperoni Passion, and Dr Pepper to wash it down, it's like an orgasm for the tastebuds.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 2:03 PM EDT

"Pizza has a long, complex and uncertain history that often inspires heated debate. Pizza as we know it today began in Naples in the Campania region of Italy but the exact sequence through the many flavoured flatbreads of the ancient and medieval Mediterranean to the dish we now call pizza is not fully understood. Since the late 19th century pizza has spread throughout the world.."

I guess pizza really is an Italian invention then.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 2:04 PM EDT

"However, by the late 18th century it was common for the poor of the area around Naples to add tomato to their yeast-based flat bread, and so the pizza was born. The dish gained in popularity, and soon Pizza became a tourist attraction as visitors to Naples ventured into the poorer areas of the city in order to try the local specialty."

"Pizza first made its appearance in the United States with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century. This was certainly the case in cities with large Italian populations, such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia where pizza was first sold on the streets of Italian neighborhoods."


Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 2:51 PM EDT

Zog: Dominoes? Their crust tastes like cardboard. I'm more certain that their crust is not made from any kind of grain flour than I am of my own existence.

INDColtsFan18 August 3 2008 3:35 PM EDT

AdminSNK4R, 11:58 AM EDT
"Who offers this BBQ chicken pizza? That sounds really good... "

It's offered at several "local" places throughout the country. Although it is rarely picked up by large franchises, sometiems you can still get them to make it if they have the right ingrediants.
We serve hot wings at the pizza place I work at and I just take about 10 wings, rip the meat off, place it on a pizza that has BBQ sauce and cheese on it and add whatever else i like, and then cook it.
It's quite easy to make, it just isn't popular enough for the big companies to pick up in most cases. I personally LOVE it.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 3 2008 3:36 PM EDT

Don't know how yours makes it but here in the UK it's nothing like that.

I love lance [Lafayetts War] August 3 2008 6:19 PM EDT

mushroom and pineapple...with juice!!!

[Beo]AggroHippie August 3 2008 8:13 PM EDT

congrats to all for convincing me to go to round table and getting a Maui Zaui (ham, bacon, pineapple, roma tomatoes, red and green onions, 3 cheeses, heaven.) from them. I think they do the BBQ chicken one as well. they beat all the other competitors around here by alot.
Im also going to have to agree with Brandon, root beer is the way to go.

BrandonLP August 3 2008 10:10 PM EDT

I miss Round Table from when I lived in California. Maui Zaui was awesome. =(

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] August 3 2008 10:40 PM EDT

I dunno about the root beer. Usually a pizza meal is a very heavy meal. I like to wash down heavy meals with something light, like maybe a nice cold beer.

Where as root beer tastes a little too strong for me, plus, it tastes like pure sugar and syrup anyway.

Cube August 4 2008 2:33 AM EDT

Is BBQ Chicken really that strange to some people?

Anyway, I go for the meat pizzas; you know every pizza place has one that's like heart attack on a plate, that's the one I like.
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