removed (and gave back) LuisOrtiz's items (in Public Record)

AdminJonathan August 11 2008 8:08 AM EDT

For filing a false claim with PayPal against me.

00 August 11 2008 8:53 AM EDT

This deserves an LOL.

VivaPinata August 11 2008 12:04 PM EDT

/me seconds that. LOL ;p

QBOddBird August 12 2008 12:01 PM EDT



Yukk August 12 2008 12:45 PM EDT

What a jerk. Good job Jon.

stevebat August 12 2008 1:16 PM EDT

claim link plz i want a good laugh

LuisOrtiz August 12 2008 1:28 PM EDT

Hold on. I didn't file a claim against you. Paypal has restricted my account because the "didn't like a transaction on my credit card". I'm still working on cleaning it up with them.

8DEOTWP August 12 2008 2:08 PM EDT


AdminJonathan August 16 2008 1:42 PM EDT

Luis made good his payment and I sent his items back.

VivaPinata August 16 2008 1:43 PM EDT

Poor Luis x_x

QBOddBird August 16 2008 10:38 PM EDT

I am glad to see this was resolved. :)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 16 2008 10:50 PM EDT


Cube August 16 2008 11:05 PM EDT

A bit too quick to judge...
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