Sundari's Birthday! (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman August 11 2008 10:18 PM EDT

Happy 23rd! :D 20k to the first ten people to send her a birthday present (in the form of CB item or cash, yes $1 or Heaume can count :P). ^_^

August ftw!

j'bob August 11 2008 10:28 PM EDT

Happy Happy Sundari!!!!
I sent a lil gift just for fun... I do NOT want your 20k hatch, but thanks! ;D

TheHatchetman August 11 2008 10:42 PM EDT

Fine then, you get the second piece of cake (Sun, of course, has dibs on first)! ^_^

j'bob August 11 2008 10:46 PM EDT

yay me!!!!!!! just make it a corner baby!!! yeah cake!!!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 11 2008 10:48 PM EDT

Happy Birthday, Sundari!! :D


Can I send her my 20k instead? ;p
I want that to be my gift...

VivaPinata August 11 2008 11:05 PM EDT

/me steals Hakai's idea.
Happy Birthday, Sundari :D

TheHatchetman August 11 2008 11:15 PM EDT

ya gotta send it then. After all, it's the thought (and willingness to sacrifice transfer costs?) that counts :P

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 11 2008 11:26 PM EDT

Fine, but don't send it back to me ^_^

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 11 2008 11:26 PM EDT

woot! have a good one!

Mikel August 11 2008 11:45 PM EDT

Happy b-day!!! getting old now!!

SNK3R August 12 2008 12:43 AM EDT

Happy birthday, Sun! (Say hi to Pit for me.)

{cb1}Linguala August 12 2008 1:47 AM EDT

What SNK said :)
W00t, sunny b-day.

8DEOTWP August 12 2008 2:34 AM EDT

Enjoy it, they only come once a year. -unless you celebrate half-birthdays..

QBOddBird August 12 2008 2:39 AM EDT

Happy Birthday, Sundari! :D

AdminLamuness August 12 2008 2:42 AM EDT

Happy Birthday Sunny~!!! Best of wishes and many more to come! :)

Ernest-Scribbler August 12 2008 2:55 AM EDT

Its my birthday to, or it was, its the 12th now:)
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