When did CB get so boring? (in Off-topic)

forktoad August 11 2008 10:19 PM EDT

1.) Hardly any new interesting changes.
2.) No buzz in the market.
3.) No new strategies to think of.
4.) Only people who talk in the forums are the ones who want to argue that the game is broken.

5.) No more tanks.
6.) No new tournaments other than Lucario's

All I keep doing is click on the button till I pass out and then wake up and get back to real life. No more spending hours thinking about CB strategies or imagining what the effect of any new changes would have on the game. SIGH!!!

TheHatchetman August 11 2008 10:35 PM EDT

1.) Hardly any new interesting changes. (ummm... were you here last changemonth?)
2.) No buzz in the market. (Not like Koy is for sale or Ranger sold everything he owns or anything...)
3.) No new strategies to think of. (Doubt you've thought of as many as me, and there are still many more to go :P)
4.) Only people who talk in the forums are the ones who want to argue that the game is broken. (hmmm... I refuse to rebut this one on the grounds that you are saying the game is broken... :P)

5.) No more tanks. (There's tanks... and many more in waiting (check out what most forgers are forging atm ~_^)
6.) No new tournaments other than Lucario's (Those got spaced out due to workload and prize pool, either have everything occuring late due to an overworked admin and crappy prizes all the time, or play with an admin that can keep on top of things and give decent prizes less often. If a rich player would hurry up and bot or multi, then adding more admins for tournies more often would be an option and wouldn't even create inflation any more than a USD sale would :P Besides, Lucario's is currently to be considered a one-time thing.

CB's fine man, even if the current moment may seem bleak in your opinion. Remember, this is a long-term game. Enjoy, or in the event it is getting too frustrating dealing with this or that that enjoying is a difficult task, take some time off. You'd be surprised what even a couple days/weeks off can do for your outlook towards CB ^_^ Far as imagining the effects of changes on the game, we're a little over half a month away from another changemonth :D

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] August 11 2008 10:41 PM EDT

lol, I'm sorry, but I find it amusing you are fed up with people arguing the game is broken and then and #5 say 'no more tanks' making me think you think tanks are broken.

CB has always been a slow, over the long run, paced game. Don't worry if there haven't been a dozen changes this month, you know they'll come eventually. I'm not sure how market buzz adds anything, but if you sell it, they will buy it. New strategies are whatever you want to try. Try something new, don't trawl the forums for Joe Blow to reveal his unbeatable wonder-team! Let people argue, ignore them if it bothers you. Better yet, start your own conversation. Try a tank if you think they don't exist anymore. And get involved in tournies if you want.

IDK, just get involved, ignore the bad, embrace the good. Enough positive sayings yet? lol. Carpe diem! Smile! Early bird gets.... never mind enough of those! Have fun!

VivaPinata August 11 2008 11:14 PM EDT

I felt the same way. Then I went and made my own tourney.

Sacredpeanut August 11 2008 11:38 PM EDT

I've never enjoyed CB more than I am at the moment :D

VivaPinata August 11 2008 11:39 PM EDT

"All I keep doing is click on the button till I pass out and then wake up and get back to real life. No more spending hours thinking about CB strategies or imagining what the effect of any new changes would have on the game. SIGH!!!"

To continue, this is totally boring because you make it so... why just only spend time thinking about strategies when you could be talking to people about them? In chat... with the hundreds of new kids who likes this game enough to ask strategists like yourself what's what? Even better, then they would stop coming to me and getting horrible strategies. Or you can just randomly CM folks on your fightlist... I think I've convinced my share of un-clanned farms to become clanned farms xD Or you can be more like "you're horrible... train some evasion and you can be farming me!" Or just waste money bidding on useless stuff with cool names in the auctions. Keep/sell them. Attempt to monopolize a type of item. Don't go for Elven Stilettos though. Or just jump into a thread... or make a fun thread even. Not talking contests, but like anything funny/outrageous/fun to pass the time with. Whatever. Or farm a clan into oblivion, if you can. Everything is always boring if you don't do anything... -_-

As for the tournaments, rumors say there will be one on the 17th. But personally, I wouldn't mind weekly tournies without prizes. Just to be able to not waste BA and try out new strategies.

Oh, and that reminds me...

Blooderfly August 12 2008 12:12 AM EDT

... I can honestly say as a new player that I have enjoyed my time here greatly already. Its good to have a community thats willing to chat and joke around, and even more so aid those that down the line will be farming the ( thanks hakai ^.^ ) note that the main chat on the forum is yes the arguement about evasion being broken, but if you evade the evasion topics some others are wonderful discussions or greetings from fellow newbies like myself, willing a rarin to go. Even more so, not only are we a community of CB'rs some of us have been drawn together as RP'rs as well ( thanks Fex) As far as no more strats, i would love a possible idea for when i hit NCB and am willing to deviate from my money maker SFBM but thats a while in the future, and even then I am sure when i ask for aid the great community will back me and offer that advice with open arms. Yes I might not have the expertise or some of you vets, but I have questions. Questions that even in chat have brought about interesting ideas and those ideas were talked about and mulled over with the others who were there. Though the idea might be dumb it still was talked about and given some validation which makes me as a player feel wanted.

But in the end it is a game. If the game has gotten boring to you then there are hundreds of other games out there that are available, Some who are even more driven then this one.

Just my two and half cents.

Ill need those back though.. need them for rangers Pay plan >.<

TheHatchetman August 12 2008 12:15 AM EDT

Great... so now we all have no choice but to train high evasion so that the threads miss us? That's overpowered if anything ever was :P

Blooderfly August 12 2008 12:25 AM EDT

hmm... would that be 1/4 exp to evasion to establish the Def Dex to dodge the Evasion threads during ranged? Or would that simply lower the PTH during the melee round?

j'bob August 12 2008 12:28 AM EDT

hmmm, if I post from my phone, does it make it harder to evade the entire thread or does just my post get the ranged extra round PTP (plus to post)?

lostling August 12 2008 12:47 AM EDT

BE A MAGE!!! =x i love mages

Cube August 12 2008 2:42 AM EDT

The very second you started an Evasion, Amf, RoBF single minion.

Conquest August 12 2008 5:34 AM EDT

"BE A MAGE!!! =x i love mages"

Copy Triads strategy!!! I love it the way he loves mages! =p
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