Bootyshaking Contest (in Contests)

VivaPinata August 11 2008 11:44 PM EDT

By request from a few days ago, here is a bootyshaking contest! Post rants/raves or link to blogs/videos/pictures about "bootyshaking." Keep things as PG as possible please. And the person who posts funniest post/link/combination-of-the-two gets $500,000. Honorable mentions get random secondary prizes. Go!

10k if you can guess who requested it ;p

BluBBen August 11 2008 11:45 PM EDT

I think OB did...

j'bob August 11 2008 11:46 PM EDT

/me picks up QBooty (the likely culprit) and shakes him violently thus instantly winning the Q"Booty" shaking contest!!! Hoorah for me! The greatest shaker of ooty that ever lived!

Warbringer August 11 2008 11:48 PM EDT

Better than bootyshaking.

VivaPinata August 11 2008 11:48 PM EDT

Lucario (Lloviendo) BluBBen (Ulquiorra Schi) $10000 11:48 PM EDT


TheHatchetman August 11 2008 11:48 PM EDT

/me gives ooty fries with his shake

BluBBen August 11 2008 11:49 PM EDT

I won! w00t!!!

j'bob August 12 2008 12:16 AM EDT

BbbBBbB, you only won because you don't have the ST to pick up the ooty like I did and shake him in such a manner as I shook him, and I will continue to shake him, alll night, I will shake him, all night LONG!

/me flexes his plasticy little but ridiculously powerful muscles.

3D August 12 2008 1:02 AM EDT


I win.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 12 2008 1:44 AM EDT

When does this end? I'd like to take a stab at it, but will be busy most of tomorrow...

VivaPinata August 12 2008 6:55 AM EDT

Until the next day then ;)

stevebat August 12 2008 1:14 PM EDT this is more talking than shaking booty but still funny this is about a guy complaining about a whole line of music done by many artists for best results listen to the songs he talks about :D

VivaPinata August 14 2008 2:28 PM EDT

I've completely forgotten about this. Any other takers?

QBOddBird August 14 2008 2:45 PM EDT

Substitute dancers

3D August 14 2008 4:07 PM EDT

I feel confident in my video :P

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 14 2008 5:05 PM EDT

:0 I forgot too. So when is the new deadline so I can forget that one too...? ;p

VivaPinata August 14 2008 6:27 PM EDT

When you finally post something Hakai, ;p

Cube August 14 2008 7:03 PM EDT

Rootski August 17 2008 12:46 PM EDT

so whos the winner?

Cube August 17 2008 10:21 PM EDT

Let Lucario take his time to declare me the winner =)

VivaPinata August 18 2008 11:29 PM EDT

Lucario (La Vida Loco) Computer (Easy) (Marksman) $500000 11:29 PM EDT
Lucario (el Cielo) Cubic (Shipping up to Boston) $20000 11:28 PM EDT
Lucario (el Cielo) QBOddBird (Hejin) $20000 11:27 PM EDT
Lucario (el Cielo) j'bob (The Crow) $20000 11:26 PM EDT


j'bob August 18 2008 11:36 PM EDT

Finally! Someone recognizes my impeccable ooty shaking skills!!!
Thank you Lucario, I tip my hat to you. :)

3D August 19 2008 2:39 AM EDT

Woot I knew my booty was best :)
Thanks Lucario

Cube August 19 2008 3:04 AM EDT

/me bows to the superior booty-skills. (How could OB not win this one???)

Rootski August 19 2008 7:28 AM EDT

so who requested?

QBOddBird August 19 2008 11:25 AM EDT

Cubic - they're called substitute dancers for a reason ;) they're nowhere near as good as the original.
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