Intro (in New players)

Crazysheep August 20 2008 2:09 AM EDT

I'm not sure where to post to introduce myself...

QBOddBird August 20 2008 2:10 AM EDT

Right here!

Welcome to the Blender!!

Crazysheep August 20 2008 2:13 AM EDT

Thanks, but I kind of want that reward :P
Where do I have to post to get that reward?
I mean the reward listed in the "goals"
Thanks in advance

QBOddBird August 20 2008 2:18 AM EDT

Yes, this is where you post to get the reward from 'Goals.' If I recall correctly, it doesn't actually show when you receive it - you just do. The money appears, but not the little message that says "Congratulations! Your reward has been sent."

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] August 20 2008 2:55 AM EDT

Yep you posted in the right spot! Anyways, hello and welcome to CB land!

AdminNightStrike August 20 2008 3:00 AM EDT

If that's the case, it may be a bug.

BootyGod August 22 2008 6:00 AM EDT

Omgz, it's a sheep! *rushes to the attack* Die foul sheep! :P

j'bob August 22 2008 11:33 AM EDT

I thought llamas and sheep got along nicely?
Welcome to the blender. It's a fun filled cake festival, usually.
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