Renting your own items? (in Off-topic)

Optimus(Prime) August 23 2008 4:45 PM EDT

if you put your own items in the auctions are you allowed to rent them if there yours but should that be a problem casue your sending like your sending yourself the money you put the item for?

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 23 2008 5:58 PM EDT


INDColtsFan18 August 23 2008 6:39 PM EDT

yes. You can rent your own items from rentals.
no. You cannot buy your own items from auctions

PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 23 2008 6:41 PM EDT

oh. i thought you couldn't. sorry.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 23 2008 7:10 PM EDT

this a way around tourney characters sending money to their main characters?

Optimus(Prime) August 23 2008 7:25 PM EDT

but if it like cost 50k and you rent your own item oit just cost nothing?

Goodfish August 23 2008 7:27 PM EDT

Uh, it says right on the rentals page that renting your own items can certainly be done, but CB takes most of the money from you. So it would actually cost you money to rent your own items.

I don't know why you would ever in a million years want to do that.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 23 2008 7:29 PM EDT

You can rent your own stuff, but CB takes a cut of the cash when you do.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] August 23 2008 8:02 PM EDT

tourney chars cant put up rentals as far as I know

Optimus(Prime) August 23 2008 8:08 PM EDT

oh ok thanks didnt see that in the rentals lol

[RX3]Cotillion August 23 2008 9:24 PM EDT

I've rented my stuff out before only to need it a couple weeks later. I couldn't find a button to take it out of rentals, so I rented it.

Maybe there should be a button to take your stuff out of rentals.

Optimus(Prime) August 23 2008 10:07 PM EDT

yea i didnt mean to put my eb in there for 50k one day i meant one week but i guess i have to wait a week
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