Strange Error (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule August 31 2008 6:02 AM EDT

To allow everyone fair access to the limited cpu resources, each user may only be in one fight at a time.

If you clicked on fight before your last one finished, you will get this error. Remember, 'your last one' could have been a challenge page, so moving to another activity is NOT safe at this point.

This is open to abuse since it's so easy to create new user accounts. Creating multiple user accounts is illegal, but rather than make that process more onerous for legitimate new users (such as by email verification, which in any case is trivial to spoof), we've chosen as the most foolproof method to additionally limit fighting on an IP address basis for non-Supporters. This means that if you're behind a firewall that makes multiple computers appear to share the same IP, your fights will conflict with others from behind your firewall.

I am sure I am a supporter, why am I getting that error? (I did double click very quickly, my finger just a little trigger happy)

Cube August 31 2008 6:05 AM EDT

I've gotten the error message before, but it never gave me any consequences.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] August 31 2008 9:56 AM EDT

I really don't see this as being a problem. I'm pretty sure you simply clicked the "fight" to many times and too quickly. Also, it's been that way for -years-. I can't imagine it's that big of a problem, seeing as you almost never hear complaints on it. And we have plenty of people sharing IP addresses.

Besides, it's not like it's a bot ban. Just go back to the homepage, or glance at forums, look at your battle log for a minute...whatever. It doesn't take very long to reset it and then you're off and fighting again. Just slow down your clicking next time.

Wizard'sFirstRule August 31 2008 10:03 AM EDT

... we've chosen as the most foolproof method to additionally limit fighting on an IP address basis for non-Supporters. ...

why does it say non-supporters? doesn't that apply to everyone?

QBOddBird August 31 2008 11:02 AM EDT

It applies to everyone but you. Jon saw you complaining about the FS/WTB system and decided to treat your fights like non-supporter fights. ~_^

Go Jon go!

AdminJonathan August 31 2008 11:05 AM EDT

Everyone may only have one fight at a time from their account.

Additionally, non-supporters will not be able to fight if any other account on their IP is fighting at that time.

Rootski August 31 2008 11:51 AM EDT

Clicking fight multiple times while the enemies still in coma.

Rootski August 31 2008 11:51 AM EDT

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