I may very well lose my job this week... (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman August 31 2008 9:47 PM EDT

As many of you may have noticed, I've been around a lot less than normal for the past couple weeks. This was because I was working a combined 50-70+ hours /week at two separate Quiznos stores...

But one of my bosses is a shifty dude...

For starters, none of us (employees of the Quiznos that he owns) get paychecks. All pay is in cash. Not necessarily a bad thing, and in some cases, a good thing. It starts turning bad when my previous 2 payments have been $5 short... I said nothing about that though on account it costs me $6 at the check cashing store(on account my bank account has a balance of less than $20) if he pays me with a check...

I am also supposed to be paid on Fridays for working at his store. Conveniently enough, I'm never scheduled to work at his store on Fridays -.- Though I do work every Saturday morning, on account the company they go through for supplies will not deliver to his store because he has yet to make good on a check that bounced to them a month and a half ago. So what he does now is have his sister (who owns the other Quiznos I work, and was originally hired, at) order twice as much stuff each delivery. What does this have to do with me? Simple. I get to be his $7 /hr ($6.79 is minimum wage) workhorse every Saturday morning and "re-deliver" half the stuff from his sister's store... Usually when I tell people that, I get asked "why do you put up with that?" For those of you wondering the same thing, my reply is usually something along the lines of "It costs money to eat, and he's my boss. Happy boss = more hours = more money. Unhappy boss = less hours = less money."

Anyways, last paragraph was supposed to be the point, but got off-topic as I'm not exactly in the best mood for properly constructing a thread. Hell, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to word that last sentence, and I'm still not happy with it but decided I'd spent enough time on it and I should move on.

Back to being paid on Firdays, I'm supposed to. I show up yesterday (Saturday) morning to do the deliveries. Near the end of my shift he tells me I'll "have to wait until tomorrow to get paid" because he doesn't have enough cash... Dammit! >.< I *was* going to go out last night... So I get there today, and made sure to catch an earlier bus so I was an hour and 10 minutes early instead of my usual 10... Guess who *just* left?

I interrupt this thread to let you know that my boss has yet again managed to get on my nerves... Even at home. While venting, I just noticed a friend of mine (that I almost only ever see on CB and haven't talked to in at least a month) PM'd me... I go to reply... Name's not in the auto-complete box, so I type it in, knowing the response I'll get, send the PM anyway, User not online... DAMMIT!!!!!!!

Anyways, I'm pissed off, but no plans were ruined or anything, and I knew he'd have to be there tomorrow, so I shake it off and get to work... Near the end of the shift, he calls to ask for the daily readout and to let me know my money is in the register under the drawer. I get the readout, read it to him, hang up, then grab the sleeve under the drawer. $180... ... 41 hours (at his store)... Somehow, someway... works itself out to $180. Co-worker of mine said call him back, I said no... I got a day off tomorrow, but I'll be stopping by there, so that he can't malecowpoop me over the phone, and he'll have my schedule in front of him and I can pull up my hours for the week.

He has that chance to make right on it. Other option is that I walk in there at my scheduled time, open the register, take what I'm owed (but not a penny more!), and go home to call the Better Business Bureau and report numerous violations ^_^.

Oh, and after all is said and done... Quiznos pwns Subway...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 31 2008 9:54 PM EDT

well if it comes to reporting him to the bbb, i would also send a cc to the quizno's corporate hq and apprise them of the situation...especially the paid in cash and the supply chain issue. i think they might be very interested in that info and if you have any documentation of it all the better!

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] August 31 2008 9:58 PM EDT

that's a very long post that I'll read in the morning but once you're between jobs you should come visit us.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 31 2008 10:28 PM EDT

furthermore, surely he is giving you some kind of witholding statement/pay analysis. if not i would contact the employment commission or social security office in your state and find out how to handle that if he is not withholding the proper federal and state taxes etc.

Warbringer August 31 2008 10:42 PM EDT

Just wanted to say good luck with whatever your going to do about this.

Charlie August 31 2008 10:48 PM EDT

Good luck - what a stupid way to run a business. Walk away from it; you won't waste time looking back :)

{cb1}Linguala August 31 2008 10:57 PM EDT

Hatcher, do not just take the money from the register.
And another thing: don't rush things!!
Knowing you, you will most likely try to, but I'm telling you, DO NOT rush it :)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 31 2008 11:22 PM EDT

Don't worry m8... once everything is situated he will get his in the end... Just play it cool and put his butt on the line and see how he feels about it ^_^

Mikel September 1 2008 12:06 AM EDT

I wouldn't take the money out of the Register, even if you are owed some, if he's a shady person to begin with, then he'll report you for stealing and that will turn out a pain and until it's taken off of your record you'll have a hard time getting a job anywhere that handles cash.

Just call the corporate and report it, and he won't pay you up after that, then if it is a significant amount, take him to small claims court, and also report him to the BBB.

Goodfish September 1 2008 2:14 AM EDT

Hatch, I officially feel bad for you. Having a sucky job sucks to begin with, but having a shady boss just makes it worse. I strongly recommend you complain even if he DOES make good, and search for a new job. You're obviously a hardworking, dedicated employee if you're willing to work over forty hours a week at a crappy, dead-end job.

InebriatedArsonist September 1 2008 2:41 AM EDT

When your boss insists on paying you in cash, five will get you ten that you're not legally on the books.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw September 1 2008 3:00 AM EDT

Well, because there are no financial records of you being payed, you could always say you never received a single paycheck (which, technically you haven't) and report him for all of the violations and sue him for the money he "owes" you. Bwahahahaha....
You can call it... Reimbursement for pissing you off. =)

Wizard'sFirstRule September 1 2008 3:37 AM EDT

take a torch to the store and hunt for multi!!!

or just sue (I wouldn't take money of the till, it would get you sued even though you have a moral right to the money, thus destroying any credibility you have in front of judges/referees etc)

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} September 1 2008 4:24 AM EDT

He's not supposed to pay you in cash.

Negator September 1 2008 8:19 AM EDT

A slight variation on a suggestion already made... look for a job first, and when you have one, THEN report him. :)

BrandonLP September 1 2008 8:27 AM EDT

Document _everything_ and find reliable people who are willing to back your story from work. In my dealings with the BBB, they're always 101% willing to help if you have some valid concerns.

Little Anthony September 1 2008 9:07 AM EDT

because he is paying you in cash, if you did not disclose this information to anyone, you can announce that you didn't get paid at all or short pay all the way. Since you does not have bank account, i suggest you do soon. I would deposit short every month as proof that i am short-pay. Worker-comp will buy it :D

BluBBen September 1 2008 11:54 AM EDT

Why is people telling hatch to report his boss to me?? ~_^

TheHatchetman September 1 2008 12:51 PM EDT

Because If I kick the crap out him, I go to jail. If you do it, nobody knows who you are, where you came from, or where you went :P

Had a night to cool off, and I agree that taking the money from the register is a bad idea... And no, I'm not dumb enough to beat his [ooty] for it either, on account just having to go to court would cost more than what he's short, and i don't forsee "assault on previous manager" as a good thing to put on a job application under "reason for leaving"... Though, he will pay... Hopefully me, today, with cash. And someone else, sometime soon, with his business.

I'm hoping he'll make right on this without the need for threats... I'm looking for another job, and warning two of the co-workers that I can trust that the Quiznos is about to close and that they should do the same... These would also be the "reliable people" Brandon mentions ^_^

Lingy, far as not rushing things, I've been working on that, and putting all the XP I can into impulse control lately. I've almost got it to base :P

To dude and the others that posted suggestions, on how exactly to go about reporting him, I thank you ^_^

Little Anthony September 1 2008 1:07 PM EDT

you could sue for sexual harassment. Isn't that why he paid you in cash?
There is big bucks there for settlement regarding making a sandwich.

Charlie September 1 2008 1:43 PM EDT

Nice one, LA!!

Red Flame September 1 2008 1:53 PM EDT

I would say its time to move on and find yourself a much better job.One that does not take advantage of its employees. Orangeman

N0seBLeeD September 1 2008 4:05 PM EDT

Do you at least get proof of payment with the cash? If not he could easily deny not paying you the proper amount and it would be your word against his.

QBOddBird September 1 2008 4:24 PM EDT

Your username automatically appears at the top of every single post you make. Just thought I'd let anyone know who felt compelled to sign all their posts.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 1 2008 5:01 PM EDT

Various posters should keep in mind that, while the employer would be on the hook for unpaid unemployment/Social Security/etc., Hatch will owe the unpaid taxes on all this (so far) unreported income.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 1 2008 5:13 PM EDT

good point bast! i do think that he technically already owes the taxes, however the government isn't aware of that as of yet and reporting the employer would apprise them of that. this is usually why people can get away with this though, especially when hiring our youth.

Red Flame September 1 2008 5:14 PM EDT

Sorry Oddbird. Just use to signing my name.

N0seBLeeD September 1 2008 6:26 PM EDT

Yeah, I suggest trying to lie, and committing fraud by saying he hasn't been paid a cent ISN'T the best idea.

Little Anthony September 1 2008 7:39 PM EDT

it is not uncommon that they took out your tax and pay you net-pay in cash. Normally, they don't claim that either. It is more likely your boss is cheating on tax as well. And you cannot claim your 7/hr tax but more likely $5/hr cash.

Asian boss?

Bolfen September 1 2008 7:52 PM EDT

Waaaaay to show your racism, Little Anthony. Good job.

General advice to people being paid in cash--don't do it. It's way too easy for your employer to screw you. Plus you're not getting any credit for working, so you don't get nice things like Unemployment or Social Security.

QBsutekh137 September 1 2008 8:12 PM EDT

Yeah, other than for small bonuses, etc., cash is bad. Paper trails are good when you are a small minnow.

Quiznos is OK, but too expensive. *smile* Sorry, I thought I would try that end of the thread for a bit. *grin* Seriously, 7.99 for a 6-inch sammich? Grilled or not, that's preposterous! Tasty preposterousness!

Oh my god, "preposterousness: made it through the spell checker. Twice.

Little Anthony September 1 2008 9:40 PM EDT

even if you get paid in cash. You still get 1099MiSC. who can screw you then? if your 1099Misc is not aligned with cash-receipt, then you can sue. Cash-receipt is very important.

QBsutekh137 September 1 2008 9:43 PM EDT

Good point about the taxes. Hatchet, what is your view from that perspective?

Lochnivar September 1 2008 9:43 PM EDT

3 times actually Sut...

as for Hatch's problem, I would perhaps advocate blackmail...
... but ignore my advice as it is typically bad.

And to think, I sometimes complain about my boss...

TheHatchetman September 2 2008 9:57 PM EDT

He wasn't there yesterday when I showed up (big surprise, eh?). So when I showed up to start my shift today and he was still there, I brought up my pay... First thing he said to me was "I know, I missed your hours. I forgot to factor in the Saturday that you worked the whole day." He then proceeded to whip out his cell phone and start punching numbers into his calculator function thing and says "Okay, I owe you $27"

I interrupt this thread to let you know that in this same situation a few years ago, I would have beaten the crap out of him at this point... Lucky for him, I somehow managed to muster the patience to tolerate him trying to rip me off right to my face.

Now I, like an idiot, had not been keeping my individual hour sheets from each day... So I grabbed the top 3 schedule sheets, and requested that he show me exactly where a pay period begins and ends. He says that this schedule does him no good because of so many people switching days and whatnot. I start shaking my head, in such a way that he thinks I'm disagreeing with him... I was actually talking to myself at that point saying "Don't do it... It is not worth it..."

When I mentioned that I had been looking the other way on his numerous violations, he was more than willing to go over my hours with me and fork over the additional $113 and change... Apparently they dropped a surprise inspection on the other store yesterday (had nothing to do with me. The other store, for the most part, is in great shape.), and he realized that I could likely have someone at the store *today*...

Got a job interview Thursday morning. Soon as I have something else confirmed, I abandon ship before allowing it to sink ^_^

QBsutekh137 September 2 2008 11:03 PM EDT

Get a job at Subway. *smirk*

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 2 2008 11:07 PM EDT

Italian BMT.
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