Beleg's: 1.5% or 3% per +? (in General)

QBsutekh137 September 4 2008 2:58 PM EDT

The hover-over blurb when viewing BGs in the Items Overview page says they enhance ranged damage 1.5% per +. Wiki page says 3% per plus.

Which is it?

Cube September 4 2008 3:01 PM EDT

I thought it was 3%. I remember the bug that was reported where the bonus was being applied twice, and the bug resulted in almost x2 damage from beleg's.

QBJohnnywas September 4 2008 3:08 PM EDT

It was 3% when I was using them, which as said above was being applied twice before it was fixed!

QBsutekh137 September 4 2008 3:09 PM EDT

Comparing the damage done by Toast (no Beleg's, but a huge Hal) and Bridgeburners (smaller Hal, but junctioned BGs), I am guessing it is 3%. Bridgeburners can hit for 800-1000K while Toast hits more around 600-700K... I was just hoping for some clarification since I might be trying out a Hal and want to know what sort of damage I could expect with BGs added in to the equation...

Colonel Custard September 4 2008 3:11 PM EDT

I thought the buggy, twice-applied damage increase from previous Belegs came out to about 7% per +. I think it is supposed to be 3%, and was fixed back to being 3%.

QBOddBird September 4 2008 4:18 PM EDT

Maybe you're seeing part of Jon's update for the new ranged damage fix before he makes a changelog of it? *grins*

QBsutekh137 September 4 2008 4:36 PM EDT

I suppose that could be! *smile*

[RX3]Cotillion September 4 2008 6:51 PM EDT

I just recorded the data of 10 fights with my +14 named BGs and 10 without. I had a 33% increase with the BGs which equals out to about 2.2% per plus.

The BGs were junctioned to a Hal with a full 1.0 effect. I always thought that the effects of items were boosted when using junction, or is that just stat boosting items like the Elven boots?

QBsutekh137 September 4 2008 6:55 PM EDT

BGs should definitely be Junction-boosted.

I think Jonathan just needs to change the 1.5% in the pop-up blurb to be 3.0...

[RX3]Cotillion September 7 2008 8:49 AM EDT

Let me clarify the best that I can. I originally thought that stat boosting items were more effective with junction. I thought it was like 150% of the bonus, for example with a pair of EGs at +10, they'd function as +15's on my HF.

From the Skills> Juction wiki entry:

Junction transfers both positive and negative effects (such as Armor DX penalties) but as junction gets higher it can block out the negative. At 1.0 you get 100% of the positive effect for most things, and 150% for ST and DX. At 1.0 you get 0% of the negative effect.

Post-battle stats with +14 Named BGs.


Strength 3,927,736
Dexterity 3,927,736

Post-battle stats with +10 EGs.


Strength 3,927,756
Dexterity 4,255,069

There should be a 15% increase in dex, or 10% at the least, but it's showing a 9.2% increase. Am I missing something very obvious???

[RX3]Cotillion September 7 2008 8:51 AM EDT

Oops, a 7.7% increase...

QBsutekh137 September 7 2008 9:26 AM EDT

What level is the Junction, and were there any other things that could have affected dexterity by the end of the battle, such as any other penalties, axbow, etc?

You are right about the STR/DEX gain being even more, but I would think BGs would just be a straight increase to damage just like junctioned AGs increase DD. I'm not sure, though...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 7 2008 10:27 AM EDT

The bonuses never quite worked right... most of the time there were far over 150%... haven't seen them lower than they were supposed to be.
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