Banned some new user multi accounts. (in Public Record)

AdminG Beee September 4 2008 5:33 PM EDT

Damascus - warned
clive0527 - banned

Nahfets - warned
Arcanus - banned

klutzite - warned
Karandras - banned

toto2000 - warned
blorg - banned

RdubF - warned
TruKilla - banned
TheGreaterOne - banned
The Greatest One - banned

JohnCena - warned
HHH - banned

AdminG Beee September 9 2008 3:09 PM EDT

Turns out Damascus wasn't really a newb multi but rather a noob multi.

Banned Damascus, clive0527 and cliver.
Reset what turns out to be the parent account called qwe.

I didn't do the full ban thing because he genuinely is a new player despite the fact he's been here months. Last chance saloon though...

KittehShinobu September 9 2008 7:01 PM EDT

your talking about an IP ban aren't you?

Lord Bob September 9 2008 7:03 PM EDT

"Turns out Damascus wasn't really a newb multi but rather a noob multi."


SNK3R September 9 2008 8:56 PM EDT

My same sentiments, Bob.

AdminG Beee September 10 2008 2:54 AM EDT

Someone who is new to the activity that they are currently partaking in. Very often this term is used pertaining to computer games. Contrary to popular belief, a newb and a noob are not the same thing, as a newb can and will get better where as a noob will partake in activities meant mainly to aggravate other players.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 10 2008 3:39 AM EDT

So what's a nab?


Mirick September 10 2008 3:41 AM EDT

wait what, since when is there a distinction between words that are bastardized versions of the same thing? :o then again, maybe this isn't the right forum for this discussion, haha.
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