does anyone else plan to play warhammer? (in Off-topic)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 6 2008 2:17 PM EDT

i played the first preview weekend. i liked it very much! i was just wondering if anyone else is thinking of trying it out or has played the beta?

Yukk September 6 2008 2:25 PM EDT

If it's going to be a subscription/pay-to-play model, then I refuse to participate even though Warhammer is one of my favourite RPG settings.
I can see paying $70 for a game and then playing it but to pay for the game and then pay another $10-$20/week to use their servers is just too greedy. is free and I don't see Blizzard going out of business.

Conquest September 6 2008 2:26 PM EDT

And look at Blizzard's cash cow WoW. I don't plan on playing MMO's ever again but War Hammer may have potential. Mythic has a good track record with DAoC

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 6 2008 2:30 PM EDT

well i have been playing subscription mmo's for ten years now. you do get a bit more than just server usage. the content updates are usually worth it as well and fifteen bucks a month comes out to about fifty cents per day. i figure if i play for at least an hour average a day that puts my hours worth of entertainment at a much lower cost than just about anything else i get entertainment from.

you are certainly entitled to abstain from playing though for whatever reasons.

Obscurans September 6 2008 2:37 PM EDT

And I was thinking who would talk about tabletop games here... oh well.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 6 2008 2:37 PM EDT

Warhammer's not gonna be a touch on WoW. Instead of continuing as their PvP orientated niche, they've decided to go more mainstream, and just aren't as good as wow. Especially compared to WotLK that's coming out soon.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 7 2008 12:23 AM EDT

wow is a great game, i have played it off and on for years and will likely play it again. however, comparing other mmo's to it is really a bit silly. the numbers that other mmo's had before wow were nothing compared to wow and i believe that it will be a long time before anything else compares to wow.

with that being said, there are many damn good games out there without the subscriber base of wow. unfortunately, after wow everything will be compared to it and that might keep people from trying some darn good games.

after doing the preview weekends for warhammer, i am very excited. i think it is an awesome game. if it works out differently, i will try lich king at release and if not then i will try lich king a year or two from now.

Ernest-Scribbler September 7 2008 12:37 AM EDT

My brothers girlfriend ( yes girlfriend ) has been involved in the closed beta, she has played WoW for a long time, and is blown away, she doesn't think she is going back. Yes i said a girl....

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 7 2008 1:19 AM EDT

I'm going to play. I played WoW and quit awhile back. Was going to start again to prepare for WotlK but after seeing how soon Warhammer is coming out just going to play that.

For the record, its not by the week to play, its by the month. Also, I'd rather spend $15 a month on a game I played on a very regular basis more so than a game I spend $60 to play for a couple of weeks and then rarely after that.

Shapoopie September 8 2008 10:24 AM EDT

I'll be playing it. I enjoy it immensely. Just wish they could somehow incorporate a ruler into the game.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 8 2008 10:37 AM EDT

WAR should be compared to WoW. As they are ditching thier uniqueness and now trying to be a WoW clone.

All be it one that has axed 4 of the 6 major cities in the game...

For what? So you can watch your Dwarf's beard grow as you level? (A nice touch, granted)

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] September 8 2008 12:07 PM EDT

WoW has monthly fees

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 8 2008 1:03 PM EDT

So does WAR.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 8 2008 1:38 PM EDT

have you tried WAR gl? also, are you in beta for lich king or currently playing wow? just curious. :)
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