Heed this CBers! (change month explained) (in Off-topic)

Lochnivar September 9 2008 5:40 AM EDT

Before you wish for your next nerfing or buffing read and consider the following:
"The Monkey's Paw" by author W. W. Jacobs.

It will guide you on the road to change month enlightenment!

Lochnivar September 9 2008 5:46 AM EDT

for those of you who want to read it:

Xiaz on Hiatus September 9 2008 6:00 AM EDT

looking at all the posts, has given me some muse...

i don't care,
it's unfair,
i don't care,
where's my share?
i don't care,
don't you dare,
i don't care,
i don't care.

Phaete September 9 2008 6:53 AM EDT

Keeping on the subject:

Charles Darwin:
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

j'bob September 9 2008 9:37 AM EDT

Keeping on the subject even more, thanks loch! I forgot how much I enjoyed that story. It's been many many MANY years.

Shapoopie September 9 2008 10:35 AM EDT

That made my day, thanks Loch.

TheHatchetman September 9 2008 1:02 PM EDT

I haven't seen the monkey's paw since the simpsons halloween episode :P

So.. Dr. Chaos, my good friend. I feel inclined to let you know "Simpsons did it!!"

Zaekyr September 9 2008 1:50 PM EDT

I think it is kinda funny that for many months tanks have been complaining about uber evasion and then when it gets fixed the mages complain that they cannot compete.Then most tanks said "sure...lets think about ways to reduce physical damage some to make it fair" and then a whole slew of changes happens instantly mostly helping mage teams once again.Perhaps it is balanced now,we cannot be sure for awhile.

Perhaps if evasion was seriously looked at months ago and changed we could have made more interesting adjustments up till now.

In any case after these major changes to the game I'll see what kind of strat changes I can make to be competetive.
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